Current Post-Docs

Kellen Mrkva

Kellen is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University.

Previously, Kellen was a postdoc with Eric Johnson at Columbia and received his PhD from the University of Colorado. His work has been featured in several academic journals and other outlets including Journal of Marketing, Psychological Science, JPSP, JEP:G, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Harvard Business Review. He studies judgment and decision making in many contexts including in the contexts of consumer spending, consumer financial decision making, digital marketing, and choice architecture (nudges and retail “dark patterns”). His recent research usually includes big data and/or field experiments in addition to online/lab experiments.


Personal Research Webpage:

Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb

Antonia is a researcher in Marketing and an assistant professor at Rotterdam School of Management. 

With her training in cognitive science and marketing, her research lies at the intersection of the two fields. She uses methods from cognitive science, such as process measurements (mouse and eye tracking) and computational models. But she applies these methods to gain an understanding of consumer behavior and managerial decision making. She tries to optimize methods to predict behavior outside the experimental laboratory going beyond describing the behavior in the experimental setup alone. 

If you are interested in her research, see or get in touch! I'd love to talk.