Research Staff

Ibitayo Fadayomi (Lab Manager)

Ibitayo (Ibi) graduated from the University of Michigan ‘21 with a double B.S.  in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. During his time at Michigan, he worked in several labs, including the Minds, Math, and Machine lab under Jun Zhang and the Culture, Society, and Social Perception lab under Shinobu Kitayama. His honors thesis under Ethan Kross looked at differences in the social-cognitive mechanisms that underlie moral decision making in close relationships. His interests are in choice architecture, behavior change, and social perception. 

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Simon Xu (Lab Manager) 

Simon joined CDS as a Research Assistant in 2020, and is interested in consumer behavior, choice architecture, and risk preferences in financial, prosocial, and digital domains.  Simon graduated from Columbia University '21 with a BA in Psychology and Statistics. As an undergraduate, he worked with the Davachi Memory Lab under Lila Davachi and Monika Riegel examining individual differences in memory encoding and retrieval after emotional arousal, and the Neuropsychopharmacology Lab under Carl Hart and Ciara A. Torres reviewing literature on prenatal cannabis exposure on cognitive function and development. 

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Antonia Casariego (Administrative Assistant)

Antonia is a freshman student at Columbia University. She is passionate about women's rights and the underrepresentation of women and minorities in Art and STEM. On top of that, she is also intrigued by Computer Science and its intersection with visual arts and creativity.

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