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Why Bargain-Hunting May Lead to Fewer Health Insurance Choices

Decision Science News | May 22, 2014

(Reuters) - Nobody wants their health benefits cut, but a funny thing happens when U.S. consumers shop for plans on their own: They buy less coverage than they had before.

That "buying low" behavior observed in data collected by consulting companies like Aon Hewitt and Liazon Corp may soon happen much more often. With the start of Obamacare and corporate open enrollment seasons, millions of Americans are likely to buy their own healthcare coverage on public and private exchanges.

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Why Weather Affects Climate Change Belief

Decision Science News | April 18, 2014

When frigid temperatures set much of the country shivering last week, pundits took the opportunity to scoff at the concept of climate change.


What the Affordable Care Act can learn from Netflix

Decision Science News | April 18, 2014

FORTUNE -- We now know that 7.1 million people signed up for health care insurance during the Affordable Care Act (ACA)'s initial enrollment period, which ended on March 31. But, what is less well known is the potential financial disaster facing these millions of consumers who have chosen policies during the last six months.

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Opt Out is Best Plan for Donors

Decision Science News | July 30, 2013

Professor Eric Johnson's research on default design in organ donation was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer in an article by Michael Smerconish.

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Professor Eric Johnson Receives Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award

Decision Science News | February 29, 2012

Professor Eric Johnson received the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award at the 2012 Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference.


Professor Elke Weber Presents to the Dalai Lama

Decision Science News | October 22, 2011

Professor Elke Weber, co-director of the Center for Decision Sciences, presented at Mind & Life XXIII: Ecology, Ethics and Interdependence in Dharamsala, India about "Ethics and Action: The Psychology of Action and Behavior Change."


Mindful Judgment and Decision Making: The Case Against Mindless Economics (VIDEO)

Decision Science News | January 19, 2011

Professor Elke Weber speaks about her research. The title of her talk is "Mindful Judgment and Decision Making: The Case Against Mindless Economics".

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Inside the Heir and Heiress Camps

Decision Science News | November 9, 2010

The rich are anxious these days with the possible expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts. Banks and private-wealth-management companies are responding by offering seminars and financial boot camps to ease the worries of the super-wealthy.

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Republican's Tax Allergy

Decision Science News | November 9, 2010

Professors Eric Johnson and Elke Weber's research on the impact of labels triggering cognitive and emotional processes underlying decision making was mentioned in Crain's Insider.

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Is It Hot in Here? Must Be Global Warming.

Decision Science News | July 31, 2010

Researchers at Columbia University found a high correlation between a participant???s stance on global warming and how he perceived the outdoor temperature on the day he was asked about it. Study subjects were also more likely to say they would donate to a global warming charity on days they perceived to be unusually warm. For Eric J. Johnson, the director of the Center for Decision Sciences at Columbia Business School and a co-author of the study, the findings highlight the pitfalls of policymaking by poll, given that opinions on such a complex issue appear susceptible to highly impertinent data.

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