Summer Academic Visiting Scholar (June - August)

Columbia Business School's Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB) annually hosts up to 3 summer research visiting scholars as a part of the Center’s Visiting Scholars Program. Candidates for the Summer Academic Visiting Scholar position are typically current faculty at Japanese universities and are selected to spend summer months in residence at Columbia Business School.

CJEB Summer Academic Visiting Scholars have access to many Columbia University campus resources, including twenty-two libraries. They can choose to audit classes in the Business School (with the instructor's permission). In addition, they are invited to network with other members of the Columbia community and CJEB’s Visiting Scholar Program. However, we ask that all candidates for the program please keep in mind that since the Columbia University academic calendar runs from September to May, and many faculty and students leave campus for the summer months, the activities and courses available to summer research scholars are relatively limited in scope. The majority of summer research scholars find that being at Columbia during the summer months is an excellent time to pursue independent, intensive research.  

CJEB staff offers administrative support to our visiting scholars to help assist in the transition to life on campus. Please note that the Center and Columbia University are unfortunately unable to arrange for or provide housing or health insurance for visiting scholars. Each scholar must find his or her own housing and make his or her own arrangements for health coverage. Further information on this and many other topics of importance for visitors to Columbia can be accessed on the International Student and Scholar Office webpage for incoming visitors:

Acceptance into the Program is competitive and candidates must apply by March 1. The selection committee is chaired by Professors Hugh Patrick, David Weinstein, and Takatoshi Ito, and the committee will make the decision by March 15

Because the purpose of the Summer Academic Visiting Scholars program is to introduce a greater variety of scholars to Columbia University, each candidate may not enroll for more than two summers over the course of his or her career. 

Summer Academic Visiting Scholar Fees

With office space:  $3,500 per month

Without office space:  $1,500 per month

Click here to download the application form. After you have completed the form, please submit it to:

Ryoko Ogino
Managing Director
[email protected]