All events are currently being held via Zoom meeting and are at no cost to the attendee unless otherwise noted.  

All of the events published on our website are open to the general public. If there are any prerequisites to an event, it will be noted in the description and on the registration page. We ask that you register in advance for all workshops.

Starting Your Lean Business: Participants in this workshop will get an introduction to the same innovative entrepreneurship principles currently taught to Columbia MBA students. Building a lean business means that you start and grow the enterprise concurrently while developing a scalable business model, instead of spending months writing a theoretical plan.

Small Business Operation: Running a business is like running an assembly line. Whether you are selling a product or a service, each stage in the process has to be considered as a part of the whole production. In this session, participants will learn to analyze each activity and look for efficiencies and stoppages in order to allocate resources and set sales goals.

Small Business Marketing: In this inventive class, participants will learn intensive techniques for conducting customer discovery to ensure immediate success with their new ventures. They will also learn the four P’s of marketing, with significant focus on product development and pricing.