The Innovation Lab

Columbia Business School’s Innovation Lab (“I-Lab”)

The I-Lab, located on the second floor of David Geffen Hall, is a dedicated space for nurturing new business ventures conceived of and led by members of the Columbia Entrepreneurial Community. This flexible space provides configurable co-working tables for group and individual projects, and can also serve as a multi-function area for presentations, meetings, brainstorming, workshops, group discussions, and more. 

Teams and projects are welcome to use this co-working space when dedicated programming is not taking place. For dedicated use of the I-Lab, booking requests for workshops and other programming are managed by the three entrepreneurship-related centers at Columbia Business School: 

  • The Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center, whose offices are also tucked away inside the space, provides technical one-on-one counseling for small businesses from professional business consultants.
  • The Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center (The Lang Center), whose mission is to ​​catalyze best-in-class startups and venture investors through curriculum, coaching, accelerator programs, and other resources.
  • The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, which educates leaders to use business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and management tools to address social and environmental challenges.

To reserve conference rooms inside the I-Lab for your meetings or events that relate to new venture programming, please reach out to the Center that most aligns with your project.