Columbia Undergraduate Business Scholarship (CUBS) Program

The Columbia Undergraduate Business Scholarship (CUBS) Program is an initiative designed to introduce undergraduate students at Columbia from underrepresented backgrounds to academic research.  The program is open to Columbia undergraduates who are just completed their first, second, or third years.  Fellows will work for faculty as part-time research assistants for approximately 10 hours per week, throughout the  academic year and will be paid the Dean’s Office.

Application Process

This is a great opportunity for you to get an RA from the select and talented pool of Columbia undergraduates. If you are interested in getting the help of a Columbia undergrad RA, and in serving as a research mentor to them, you should prepare a brief proposal with the following:

  • One-paragraph description of the research area on which the fellow would work.
  • Description of the fellow’s responsibilities (e.g., literature review, assembling datasets, etc.).
  • Description of skills required to adequately perform the task.

Interested students will receive the proposals and will be asked to apply to the ones that are of interest and for which they have the requisite skillset. You will be given a chance to review the candidates who apply to your proposal and you can interview the candidates you shortlist in late May/early June.


We need to be clear about the expectations with both the CUBS and the faculty sponsors. We want to avoid a situation where CUBS or faculty sponsors are frustrated by the experience.  

  • Both parties need to be clear on the number of hours per week a student will work, the need to remain responsive over email, etc.  
  • Faculty need to work around the demands of the student’s class schedule and reinforce that the CUBS number one priority should be their school work.

Program Timeline

Spring/Summer 2022

  • May 17: Faculty proposals due (email to Khaled Hamdy).
  • Mid - late June: Faculty interview short-listed candidates.
  • Early - mid July: Offers made to selectees.

Fall 2022

  • 2nd week September: Kickoff meeting and CUBS begin work with faculty.
  • October: Host first social event for the CUBS.
  • November and December: Co-curricular events (TBD).

Spring 2023

  • Monthly co-curricular events (TBD).
  • Last week of April: Celebration dinner and presentation with CUBS.
  • Last day of program coincides last day of classes.