Support is available with:

  • Finding suitable funding sources for your research.
  • Liaising with sponsors and federal agencies program officers.
  • Interpreting program guidelines, and technical and eligibility requirements.
  • Writing the proposal according to various funders’ guidelines and review criteria.
  • Entering your proposal into the University’s tracking system RASCAL.
  • Reviewing and editing your proposal.
  • Developing a budget.
  • Drafting any supporting documents.
  • Completing sponsors’ online application forms.

Funding Application Procedures (Pre-award):

  • All funding applications need to be processed by the University’s Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) Office.
  • SPA need to receive funding applications 5 working days before the submission deadline.
  • Each application must be entered into the University’s on-line proposal tracking system RASCAL to facilitate this review.
  • The SPA review generally focuses on technical and budget related issues to insure that applications adhere to both University regulations and sponsor’s technical requirements.

Tips for Proposal Preparation

  • It’s critical to read program announcements thoroughly both to understand the technical requirements, but more importantly to be sure to align your project to the funder’s objectives.
  • Most grant programs have a check list or concise description of what you must submit and eligibility requirements. Identifying that material at the outset saves time and minimizes stress.
  • It is also essential to carefully read the review criteria, which provide important information on what the reviewers will be looking for in the proposal.