The Business School offers several research assistantship programs to help facilitate faculty research. 

Full-Time Research Assistants

  • Each division has at least one full-time research assistant who is part of the School’s Predoctoral Fellows (PDF) Program. The PDFs are post-bachelors and post-masters researchers with a two-year term providing primarily quantitative research support.
  • The highly selective Summer Internship Program provides faculty with a dedicated full-time student researcher over the summer term. The PDFs and summer interns have gone on to pursue doctoral studies at top-tier PhD programs across the nation.

Part-Time Research Assistants

There are several options for faculty needing part-time research assistance.

  • Faculty who need help with data-intensive research tasks such as visualizations, website scraping, dataset merging, etc., can work with one of the School’s Data Analysts.
  • The MS Intensive Applied Research course pairs talented MS students with faculty seeking help on a research project. 
  • Faculty who need help running experiments, drafting online surveys, or conducting literature reviews, can work with a research assistant on the Behavioral Research Lab staff.
  • The School can also help faculty hire a part-time assistant if they prefer to work with an individual outside of one of these established programs. 
  • CBS is dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in research and has developed the Columbia Undergraduate Business Scholarship (CUBS) Program, where faculty are paired up with an undergraduate from Columbia University or Barnard  who works as a part-time RA for the entire academic year.  

Data Science and Statistics Expertise

  • The school has a research scientist specializing in machine learning and natural language processing on staff who can consult on sophisticated research methodologies to help move your research forward. Current faculty can find more information about this resource on the intranet.


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