Andrew Rust
ByteSize Learning targets underserved US youth by teaching them the skills they need to succeed through online education.
Industry: Ed Tech
Andrew Rust SEAS '23, Founder & CEO

Graham Rowe
Cutting Season is a premier, virtual, 30-day weight loss challenge in the US.
Graham Rowe '23,  Founder & CEO
Industry: Fitness Tech

Freeda Johnson

FreedaPrint is a B2B digital marketplace for sustainable, green packaging.
Industry: Renewable Packing (B2B)
Freeda Johnson '23,  Founder & CEO

Srinivas Gunturu
Green Event Box
 provides fun goodie bags filled sustainable toys and treats within your budget.
Industry: Sustainable Packaging
Srinivas Gunturu '23, Founder & CEO

Kevin Moses
Is a mobile order and pay marketplace and hardware-free POS for food trucks.
Industry: Food Truck Full POS
Kevin Moses '23, Founder & CEO

Inclusion Unpacked is an online membership community for founders and leaders committed to building inclusive, equitable companies.
Industry: DEI for Startups
Tori Bell '23, Founder & CEO

Aileen Lee
Infinite Goods
is a sustainable fashion e-commerce platform creating transparency in the fashion industry.
Industry: Renewable Clothing
Aileen Lee
 '23, Founder & CEO

David Chu
is a healthtech platform that helps patients find the right doctors faster through machine learning.
Industry: Healthtech
Dr. David Chu '23, Founder & CEO

Lio Sangria
Lio Sangria
is the first healthy & superior taste sangria to be conveniently introduced in the US in a canned format.
Industry: Beverage (21+)
Alvaro Liebana '23, Co-Founder & Borja Marquez '23, Co-Founder 

Hidayat Hamidov
is a SaaS solution for trucking companies to share real-time location and documentation flow with 3rd parties.
Industry: Trucking Logistics
Hidayat Hamidov '23, Co-Founder & CEO & Harsh Singh '23, Co-Founder

Trisha Mariwala 
is a personalized plant nutrition brand focused on delivering high quality supplements for millennials.
Industry: Supplements
Trisha Mariwala '23, Co-Founder & COO

Sharo Performance
Sharp Performance
is the first mental resiliency and wellness platform for high risk professionals.
Industry: Digital Mental Health
Evan Brush '23, Co-Founder, Ben Curley '23, Co-Founder, & Andrew Sakmar '23, Co-Founder