My Secret to Creating Real Magic—with Christina Tosi

December 12, 2022

This week on TED Business we are revisiting an infectiously joyous talk. Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi shares the sugary jolt of her first food memory and behind-the-scenes stories of her bakery's famously inventive cakes, cookies and treats. This talk may make you hungry -- but it'll also leave you a resonant message about how breaking the rules and challenging your assumptions can make for a sweet life. Stay tuned to hear from our host Modupe Akinola on how we can all be inspired to make our workplaces a bit more magical.


How to Revitalize a Neighborhood—Without Gentrification—with Bree Jones

December 5, 2022

The housing market can be vexing: while some neighborhoods get ridiculously expensive and price out longtime residents, others have historic homes sitting vacant without demand. Equitable housing developer and TED Fellow Bree Jones shares how she found a way to revitalize neighborhoods experiencing hyper-vacancy while preventing gentrification -- supporting home buyers and transforming communities along the way. After the talk, Modupe shares some more organizations uplifting communities.


What Capitalism Gets Right—and Governments Get Wrong—with Katherine Mangu-Ward

November 28, 2022

Is capitalism a good thing? Journalist Katherine Mangu-Ward makes the case that "weirdos" left alone to innovate and explore far-out ideas in a free market system are our best hope for the future. She asks us to reconsider our qualms about capitalism, failure and corporate death, analyzing the recent history of General Motors and Facebook to illustrate why we're better off with a lot less government intervention. After the talk, our host Modupe Akinola introduces an organization that encourages 'weird' ideas -- and shares insights on their unique process.


Do You Have What it Takes to Freelance?—TED-Ed Lesson

November 21, 2022

A 2016 survey of freelancers in six countries found that those who freelance by choice– 70% of respondents– were happier than people in traditional jobs, specifically when it came to things like independence and flexibility in terms of where and when they work.

So what does it take to be a successful freelancer? Explore the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy. This was originally an animated TED-Ed lesson.

It was directed by Christoph Sarow, AIM Creative Studios, narrated by George Zaidan and the music is by André Aires. After the lesson, our host Modupe shares more things to consider before plunging into freelance work.


How to Lead in the New Era of Employee Activism—with Megan Reitz

November 14, 2022

What does it mean to lead in this new age of employee activism? Megan Reitz offers a four-point crash course on what employees want from their organizations and how leaders can rise to the challenge of building proactive and productive workplaces where every voice and perspective has the chance to make a difference. After the talk, Modupe shares lessons for leaders -- from activists.


What if Women Built the World They Want to See?—with Emily Pilloton-Lam

November 7, 2022

Only four percent of construction workers are female -- that's totally unacceptable, but it's also a huge opportunity both for women and for the trades, says youth educator and builder Emily Pilloton-Lam. She makes the case for putting power (and power tools) into the hands of young women and gender-expansive youth, dreaming of inclusive construction sites and daring to ask: What if women built the world they want to see? (The power tool sounds you are hearing are Pilloton-Lam sharing live demo of her own woodworking skills ... while giving the talk.) Stay tuned after and hear from our host Modupe on some other programs that are creating opportunities for career-readiness.


How to Support and Celebrate Living Artists—with Swizz Beatz

October 31, 2022

Legendary hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz is on a mission to revolutionize the way artists do business. In this glorious talk, he shares some of the ways he's helping fellow creatives thrive, including a roving art fair that gives artists 100 percent of their sales, a new commission system for galleries to fund living visual artists and Verzuz, online musical celebrations that bring joy to fans -- and sales to musicians. "If we're not protecting the arts, we're not protecting our future," he says. After the talk, join our host Modupe in conversation with art world expert Alexandra Giniger as they discuss the importance of supporting living artists.


7 Tools for Building a Business People Trust—with Marcos Aguiar

October 24, 2022

Why do we trust some companies and not others? Using real-world examples, digital trust advisor Marcos Aguiar decodes this make-or-break quality -- and offers seven tools to help leaders design a foundation of trust into their business ecosystems in order to achieve long-term success. After the talk, Modupe shares how to weave trust-building tools into company culture (even after damage has been done).


How to Write Less But Say More—with Jim VandeHei

October 17, 2022

As the saying goes, less is more. The same goes for words. Listen as Politico and Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei shares what he's learned leading two media companies -- and how to radically rethink the way you write to keep people's attention in a distracted digital world. After the talk, our host Modupe Akinola dives into how brevity can get you ahead in your work life.


What Wikipedia Teaches Us About Balancing Truth and Beliefs—with Katherine Maher

October 10, 2022

Even with public trust at an all-time low, Wikipedia continues to maintain people's confidence. How do they do it? Former CEO of Wikimedia Foundation Katherine Maher delves into the transparent, adaptable and community-building ways the online encyclopedia brings free and reliable information to the public -- while also accounting for bias and difference of opinion. "The seeds of our disagreement can actually become the roots of our common purpose," she says. After the talk, Modupe gives a few process hacks for organizations looking to improve their decision-making.