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MBA Real Estate Case Studies

Original, cutting-edge case study materials — developed and delivered by industry leaders offering intimate knowledge of the subject — are a defining feature of Columbia Business School’s real estate curriculum.

Over the past decade, the case-study program has grown into an extraordinary compilation of materials: more than 65 cases, with new material added each year. Participating firms are some of the most important players in the industry.

A number of these cases, which are used extensively throughout the MBA Real Estate Program, are available through the Columbia CaseWorks program and produced as part of the Caswell J. Caplan Case Series in Real Estate.

Columbia CaseWorks

Columbia CaseWorks develops teaching cases and materials for use in Columbia Business School classrooms. All material is closely tied to and based on the research and expertise of Columbia’s world-class faculty. Columbia CaseWorks Cases are available to both Columbia Business School Faculty and non-Columbia Business School Faculty.

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