Bruce Usher pictured with students from his Climate Finance course

Columbia Business School is home to many leading experts in the climate change field, and has offered courses in this field for over a decade. In addition, Columbia students have the option of taking climate change electives across the university in disciplines including law, earth sciences, policy, public health, and engineering to name a few. Columbia Business School courses include:

  • B8363 Climate Finance
  • B8201 Climate Change and the Energy Transition
  • B8448 The Business of Climate Change: Investing and Managing in a Changing Environment
  • B8224 Energy and Resource Economics
  • B8352 Financing Energy Markets
  • B8209 Climate Justice, Real Estate and Vulnerability
  • B8027 Challenges in Measurement & Disclosure of Environmental, Social, and Governance Data
  • B8468 ESG Equity Investing

Students interested in this area may also register for the courses listed below:

  • B8784 Business and Society: Reconciling Shareholder and Stakeholder Interests
  • B8355 Impact Investing
  • B8349 Finance and Sustainability
  • B8423 Investor Influence on Corporate Sustainability
  • B8452 Project Finance: Principles and Application to Emerging Markets
  • B8762 Modern Political Economy
  • B8767 Investing in Social Ventures
  • B8527 Social Venture Incubator

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Climate-related courses across campus