The current research integrates perspectives on gendered race and person-position fit to introduce the concept of a <em>gender profile</em>. We propose that both the "gender" of a person's biological sex and the "gender" of a person's race (Asians are perceived as feminine and Blacks as masculine) help comprise an individual's gender profile — the overall femininity or masculinity associated with their demographic characteristics. We also propose that occupational positions have gender profiles. Finally, we argue that the overall gender profile of one's demographics, rather than just one's biological sex, determines one's fit and hirability for feminine or masculine occupational roles. The current five studies establish the gender profiles of different races and sexes, and then demonstrate that individuals with feminine-typed and masculine-typed gender profiles are selected for feminine and masculine positions, respectively. These studies provide new insights on who gets ahead in different environments.

Erika Hall and Adam Galinsky
Journal Article
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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

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Hall, Erika and Adam Galinsky
. “Gender profiling: A gendered race perspective on person-position fit.”
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
, (June 01, 2015):