<p>One of the most common and popular conceptualizations of gender — epitomized by John Gray’s megabestselling book, <em>Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus</em> — is that men and women are essentially different species.</p> <p>We believe that this depiction of gender is wrong. We’re not claiming that biological differences between the sexes don’t exist but instead are suggesting that gender differences are far more subtle than commonly believed. We propose that there is one clear difference between men and women in the United States and most of the world: the amount of power each has in society. Despite the great strides made in promoting gender equality, women and men don’t compete on a level playing field.</p> <p>As a result, deeply ingrained gender stereotypes constrain the behavior and actions of women. To understand differences in how men and women behave, we must understand how men and women are <em>expected</em> to behave.</p>
Adam Galinsky and M. Schweitzer
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McKinsey Quarterly

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Galinsky, Adam and M. Schweitzer
. “It's good to be the Queen . . . but it's easier being the King.”
McKinsey Quarterly
. October 01, 2015.