Centers and Programs

Much of the cutting-edge research that takes place at Columbia Business School is facilitated by our centers, programs, and institutes. In addition to conducting research and impacting real-world business, many centers offer programming for our students.

The Management Division is affiliated with a number of centers and institutes.

The Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics serves as a forum for thought leadership around teaching and research on the ethics and governance challenges confronting current and next-generation business leaders.

The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise educates leaders to use business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and management tools to address social and environmental challenges.

The Center for Decision Sciences facilitates research and understanding on consumer behavior, the implications of decision making on public policy, and the neurological underpinnings of judgment and decision making. 

The Motivation Science Center helps integrate research findings across areas in motivation science and identify general principles at work in different settings and at different levels of analysis (from individual to interpersonal, small group to organizational).

The Leadership Lab develops a series of MBA courses and extracurricular activities to enhance students’ abilities as leaders.

The Behavioral Research Lab facilitates the investigation of human decision making and behavior. The lab's research helps to illuminate some of the most interesting and complex questions regarding human behavior and the human mind.