Wei Cai

Wei Cai, Assistant Professor of Business
Assistant Professor of Business
Accounting Division
Areas of Expertise
  • Corporate Governance
  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Accounting
1151 Kravis

Wei Cai joined Columbia University in 2020. Her research interests revolve around management accounting, organizational culture, and diversity and inclusion. Her research broadly investigates how to measure and manage key organizational capital. For example, she examines how corporate leaders and managers can deliberately design and shape organizational culture, and improve organizational outcomes through innovative management control systems. She uses multiple research methods including statistical analyses of archival data sources, field experiments, and surveys. She closely collaborates with practitioners and collects unique data that can provide important managerial implications for the design of management control systems in shaping desirable organizational outcomes. She has won the American Accounting Association Outstanding Dissertation Award (Management Accounting).

Professor Cai received a Doctor of Business Administration (Accounting and Management) from Harvard Business School. Prior to earning her DBA, she worked as a senior financial advisor at Ernst & Young in New York.


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