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2022 Gabelli Funds- Columbia Business School Healthcare Symposium

Mario Gabelli, Columbia Business School class of '67, legendary investor and cosponsor of the symposium, is founder, CEO and chairman of Gabelli Asset Management Investors, an investment firm with $33B AUM.  The symposium is a collaborative effort with the business school’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program.  

Friday, November 18th, 2022
8:15 - 12:30 p.m. 
Paley Center for Media (25 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019).

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Why Healthcare @ CBS?


Watch our video and hear why students think Columbia Business School is the perfect program for those with a passion for healthcare. 

Who We Are

Healthcare is a fascinating, challenging and fulfilling sector that touches everyone's lives. The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management (HPM) Program at Columbia Business School is one of the largest and most innovative healthcare programs among top-tier global business schools and is the home base for healthcare focused curriculum, recruiting, alumni engagement, industry partnerships and cross-university collaborations. The HPM Program is focused on the strategic, economic, regulatory, competitive, technological, and sociopolitical challenges and opportunities in the global healthcare sector. Through a multidisciplinary focus shaped by innovative course offerings, complementary out-of-class activities, networking opportunities with senior industry executives, and career planning, the Program offers a dynamic learning and career-fostering experience designed to prepare the next generation of business leaders in the global healthcare sector.

Mission Statement

The HPM Program promotes the intellectual and teaching mission of Columbia Business School in offering a curriculum combining advanced theory and practice, creating a lifetime of learning for alumni by engaging them in Program activities, building strong and sustainable relationships with leading healthcare enterprises to establish the School’s reputation as a leader in healthcare business education, and facilitating global employment opportunities for Columbia students across the healthcare sector with diverse roles spanning consulting, banking, investing, digital health, payers, providers, biopharma/biotech, entrepreneurship and non-profits.

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