Kim Lew and Tano Santos Women in Value Investing

One of the Heilbrunn Center's top priorities is to bring together women at various stages of their career who are interested in investment management.

The Women in Investing Conference (WIN) is an annual investing forum for full-time female students at domestic top business schools and investment professionals from sponsoring firms. It provides women with an opportunity to network, learn about relevant industry topics, practice their stock picking and pitching skills, and receive feedback and advice from industry practitioners.

Capital Group is Columbia Business School’s corporate sponsor for the event. They participate by selecting a team of students that attends the conference, serving as mentors, and attending the forum in Boston.

Annual Alumnae Panel

The Heilbrunn Center’s annual alumnae panel provides a vehicle for honest and thoughtful insight into the Value Investing Program at the Business School for women and the career trajectory of investment management.

Women's Only Investment Ideas Club (IIC)

CSIMA’s Investment Ideas Club (IIC) offers an opportunity for students to practice pitching stock ideas to a group of alumni in an informal setting where they can receive direct feedback. The Heilbrunn Center partnered with CSIMA to host a women’s only IIC early in the fall semester to build confidence and experience.

Women's Mentoring Sessions

The Heilbrunn Center partners with alumnae to host office hours for students to discuss career goals, courses, opportunities at CBS, and pitches in a one on one setting.

The Women’s Committee and the Investing Fellowship

The Women's Committee was established in 2018 with the goal of increasing female representation in the investment management industry. The committee is led by Lauren Krueger '02, Alexandra Cowie '17, Mallory Downing '15, Joanna Vu '17, and Jenny Wallace '94.

The committee uses a 3-step approach to the issue:

  • Help build the pipeline at the undergraduate level
  • Highlight and further develop the current MBA population
  • Help the graduating students and those who have recently entered the industry to succeed

As part of this initiative is the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing Fellowship which is a full tuition fellowship for a female student who has exemplary skills and background in value investing. The student recipient will receive full two-year tuition to the School which is funded through the Heilbrunn Center budget.