Fall 2022 Events

Nov. 10: Women in Asset Management panel, co-hosted by the Heilbrunn Center and Program for Financial Studies, Kravis 420

Nov. 1: No Free Lunch seminar series, featuring Professor Mike Ewen presenting: "Local Journalism Under Private Equity Ownership," 12:15-1:30pm

Oct. 27: PIMCO presentation, time TBA

Oct. 11: Barclays research and capital markets panel: featuring Jeff Meli, Global Head of Research, 6:00-7:30pm

Oct. 10: Crypto Regulation Round Table, hosted by Program for Financial Studies and SIPA

Oct. 4: No Free Lunch seminar series, featuring research presented by Professor Shiva Rajgopal: "Are CEOs Actually Paid for Performance?" and Jane Li: TBD

Sep. 30: Presentation by FinTech, TIFIN, 12:45-1:45pm (virtual)

Sep. 20: MSFE 2nd Year Panel, 12:15-1:30pm

Sep. 14: Presentation by Steve Haggerty, Senior Advisor to the MSFE program, 12-2pm

Wall Street Voices

Launched in 2021, Wall Street Voices is our premier seminar series that brings in experts in quantitative finance, capital markets, data science & finance, FinTech and the general financial services industry.

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Led by industry practitioners, CBS faculty, and visiting scholars, our seminars provide education for students, alumni, faculty and finance practitioners.

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Faculty Research Talks - No Free Lunch series

Our No Free Lunch seminar series brings renowned faculty research into the Business School community through dynamic, shorter presentations geared towards students.

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News & Finance Annual Conference

How does the news move markets? With geo-political, inflationary and economic risks, and prolific social media and media coverage influencing the capital markets, join us for a research-driven conference assessing questions such as:

  • How does the interaction between financial markets and the media affect real economic activity?
  • How do the incentives of people who create news affect market responses?
  • How do we best measure the information content of news articles?

Organized by Columbia Business School’s Program for Financial Studies, with its faculty leadership Harry Mamaysky, Paul Glasserman and Paul Tetlock this major annual conference brings together an expert group of interdisciplinary leaders from across academia, finance, government, and the media to explore new frontiers in the study of the dissemination of news and its influence on markets. 

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Past Event Announcements

Systemic Risk Conference and Program for Financial Studies Conference

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