Spring 2022

Mar 1 - Disruption in Financial Services: Tom Vandever ' 98, Head of FIG M&A, Barclays

Feb 8 - Effective Decision-Making in the Equity Markets: Perry Boyle, Point72 (retired)

Jan 25 - Breaking Down the Macro Backdrop, the Fed and Market Conditions: Brian Friedman, Global Head of Market Strats, Goldman Sachs


Fall 2021

Dec 1 - Global Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets: Alkesh Shah '94, Head of Global Crypto and Digital Assets Strategy, BAML

Nov 16 - Quantitative Finance Landscape & Careers: Steve Haggerty, MSFE Advisor and Former Global Head of Research, Moon Capital and BAML

Nov 9 - Thematic Investing and Capital Markets (ETFs): Jay Jacobs '19, Head of Research & Strategy, GlobalX 

Oct 25 - How Quantitative Research Informs Fundamental Analysis: Refinitiv

Oct 5 - Technology and Global Payments in Financial Services: Takis Georgakopoulos GSAS '99, Global Head of Payments and Umar Farooq, CEO of Onyx by JPMorgan

Sep 22 - Opportunities in Quantitative Research: Vanguard

Sep 20 - Quantitative Finance Career Landscape: Bob Shainheit, CambioSystematic

Spring 2021

Mar 15 - Finance Alumni Conversation Series featuring PFS board member Fabrizio Gallo, Former Global Head of Equities, BAML: "Sell-side and Buy-side Trends in 2021" 

Feb 3 - Finance Alumni Conversation Series featuring PFS board member Tom Vandever '98, Head of FIG M&A, Barclays: "How to sustain a long-term career in financial services?"

Fall 2020

Nov 17 - Featured speaker Ed Altman: 50 Years of Z-Scores - What Have We Learned and COVID-19 and the Credit Cycle hosted by the Distressed Investing and Restructuring Club