No Free Lunch Seminar Series (Faculty Research Talks)

At each research seminar, attended by invited MBA, MS and PhD students and now open in a virtual format to alumni and business practitioners, faculty members introduce their current research within an informal lunch setting. These seminars are videotaped and made publicly available along with the associated research content, which can be accessed here.

PFS Seminars

ESG Developments in the Debt Capital Markets A discussion on the role of ratings agencies and methodologies in fixed income ESG product valuation and pricing.

Crypto Ecosystem - Opportunities for Investing Overview of the current investment landscape in digital currencies.

Fintech Innovation Salon Interviews by PFS board members with Kabbage CEO and Founder, Kathryn Petralia and OpenInvest CEO and Co-Founder, Joshua Levin..

The Impact of AI on Jobs & Organizations A research and organizational behavior based discussion of the impact of AI developments on the job market 

Demystifying Blockchain Blockchain overview and workshop led by CBS Professor Robert Farrokhnia.

Ethics and AI Seminar on how data and statistics can be manipulated in business and politics.

Unstructured Textual Data Analysis Seminar on the frameworks and technology of unstructured data helping businesses make better decisions.

Intro to Python A finance-based introductory session to the functionality and capabilities of Python.