At Columbia Business School, our core mission is to bridge academic theory and real-world business practice, and our world-renowned faculty members are central to achieving this goal. Much of our faculty research comes through our 26 preeminent centers and programs — places like the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center and the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate. As an institutional partner, you can invest in innovative thought leadership that has a tangible impact on current business practice in every industry. These collaborations engender meaningful exchanges between business leaders and academics seeking to address common challenges. Together, you’ll solve critical issues and generate new growth opportunities.

Our centers and programs also regularly partner with corporations and foundations to promote public discourse. They produce co-branded publications, host major conferences, and convene intimate, off-the-record forums, which bring together industry leaders, scholars, government officials, students, and the media to take part in the discussion.


Decision, Risk, and Operations

Finance and Economics