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Accounting Division

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Accounting is essential to the functioning of the economy and, indeed, society in general. Accounting is the means by which we monitor our governments, our corporations, and our non-profit organizations.

Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

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The Decision, Risk, and Operations Division is a world leader in research and instruction in quantitative, data-driven decision-making through the use modeling, optimization and the management of uncertainty, and all aspects of the operations and analytics functions in firms.

Economics Division

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The Economics Division faculty leads research in various fields, such as macro-and microeconomic theory, labor economics, international economics, development, public-economics, organizational and industrial economics, and political economics.


Finance Division

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Finance is at the core of making informed business decisions. Columbia GSB’s finance division provides a complete finance training with a carefully integrated core curriculum and over 100 elective courses to train students to manage their own finances as well as for career success in asset management, investment banking, real estate, financial technology firms, management consulting, and for roles in central banks and government.

Management Division

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The Management Division prepares leaders for the future of business based on our theoretical and empirical research at the scientific frontier.

Marketing Division

Prof. Oded Netzer in class lecturing to students

Our world leading full-time faculty conduct cutting edge academic research, developing methodologies and producing insights that are useful for industry and policy makers.