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January 5, 2023, 11am-12pm

CITI-IMMAA Seminar: Johannes Bauer, Quello Chair for Media and Information Policy in the Department of Media and Information, Michigan State University

"The Return of the State into the Digital Economy"

During the past few years, the state has taken on a more proactive role in shaping the digital economy. Motives, forms, and patterns of interventions differ between countries and regions. However, after decades in which the state withdrew from telecommunications and media industries, it is remarkable how quickly the need for a renewed, stronger role has become accepted among decision makers across the political spectrum. 

This talk explores the anatomy and causes of these developments and critically discusses the rationales, strengths and weaknesses of selected emerging approaches. To keep the topic manageable, it focuses on these developments in democratic contexts. It briefly reviews the reasons for the withdrawal of the state in the late twentieth century before it explores the forces that have led to recent policy initiatives in regulatory and competition policy. 

This requires analyzing political-economic factors in addition to the standard rationales of network effects and dominance. Examples from the European Digital Markets Act and policy discussions in several other countries will illustrate the arguments. It is concerning that some of the interventions are fallbacks on policies that were abandoned as inefficient decades ago. At the same time, we also observe interesting institutional experimentation and innovations.

We will explore the consequences of these developments for digital industries, their management, and the likely repercussions on competition and innovation. This will allow a preliminary outlook on whether the emerging policy models offer avenues to reconcile the technological dynamics of digital industries with notions of the public interest.

Johannes M. Bauer is a Professor in the Department of Media and Information and the Director of the Quello Center for Media and Information Policy at Michigan State University. He holds advanced degrees in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. His research broadly addresses the role of management and policy in optimizing the benefits of advanced information and communication technologies for individuals, communities, and society.

January 19, 2023, 11am-12:30pm

Whither the Internet Governance Forum?

Part of CITI Seminars on Global Digital Governance. The UN’s annual IGF will have concluded Dec. 2 and there’s been much debate both within the IGF ecosystem and among governments (including EU heads of state) and in UN SG Guterres’ Global Digital Compact process about the future of the IGF and whether and how it could be institutionally reformed to enhance its outputs and make them more politically salient. Looking further down the road, in 2025 the UN GA will decide on whether to renew the IGF’s mandate as part of its WSIS+20 review process. So there’s a lot of debate internationally about the way forward, and we will have a panel of leading participant observers of the IGF to explore the options and prognosis.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/global-digital-governance-seminar-whither-the-internet-governance-forum-tickets-473445968637 

February 2, 2023, 11am-12pm

CITI-IMMAA Seminar: Sally Lehrman, Founder and Leader, The Trust Project

"The Impact of Trust Protocols in the Journalism Industry"

The news industry has suffered from declining trust for decades, with misinformation rushing into the gap. The speaker will describe research on news users and address the broad challenges of developing and applying trust-building protocols to create value for news media. She will focus on the Trust Project, an international collaboration with hundreds of news organizations from around the world.

The consortium created a set of digital standards called "Trust Indicators" to assist in transparency and lend credibility to reporting. These transparency standards are useable by humans and machine readable so that algorithms can factor in the information.

Sally Lehrman will present research by Trust Project academic partners on audience engagement, willingness to pay for news and enhancement of public awareness about the earmarks of trustworthy news, as well as about news organizations’ willingness to change. 

Sally Lehrman is an award-winning journalist who founded and leads The Trust Project, an international collaboration that she formed in 2014 with the goal of strengthening public confidence in the news through accountability and transparency. She was named one of MediaShift's Top 20 Digital Innovators in 2018 for her work.

This seminar was organized by Francisco Belda, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Arts, and Communication at the São Paulo State University, Brazil. 

Register at https://CITIIMMAALehrman.eventbrite.com

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