Technology, Business, and Economics of Streaming Video

The Technology, Business, and Economics of Streaming Video: The Next Generation of Media Emerges. Noam, Eli M. Edward Elgar

Content, Impact, and Regulation of Streaming Video

The Content, Impact, and Regulation of Streaming Video: The Next Generation of Media Emerges. Noam, Eli M. Edward Elgar


Media and Digital Management

Media and Digital Management. Noam, Eli M. Palgrave

Managing Media and Digital Organization

Managing Media and Digital Organizations. Noam, Eli M. Palgrave


Digitized Labor

Digitized Labor. Noam, Eli M., Lorenzo Pupillo & Leonard Waverman. Palgrave.

The Telecommunications Revolution

The Telecommunications Revolution: Past, Present and Future Eds. Sapolsky, Harvey M., Rhonda J. Crane, W. Russell Neuman, & Eli M. Noam


Who Owns the World's Media

Who Owns the World’s Media? Noam, Eli M. New York: Oxford University Press


El ecosistema y la economía digital en América Latina

El ecosistema y la economia digital en América Latina. Katz, Raul L. Madrid: Ariel


Broadband as a Video Platform

Broadband as a Video Platform.  O’Neil, Judith, Eli Noam, and Darcy Gerbarg, eds., New York: Springer

Demand for Communications Services

Demand for Communications Services – Insights and Perspectives: Essays in Honor of Lester D. Taylor.  Alleman, James, Aine Marie Patrica NiShúilleabháin, and Paul N. Rappoport, eds. New York: Springer

Media Industry Dynamics

Media Industry Dynamics. Faustino, Paulo, Eli Noam, Christian Scholz, and John Levine, eds., Lisbon: Media XXI

Driving Demand for Broadband Networks

Driving Demand for Broadband Networks and Services. Katz, Raul L. & Taylor Berry. London: Springer


Beyond Broadband Access

Beyond Broadband Access: Developing Data-Based Information Policy Strategies.  Taylor, Richard D. and Amit M. Schejter, eds. New York: Fordham University Press

Broadband Networks Smart Grids and Climate Change

Broadband Networks, Smart Grids and Climate Change. Noam, Eli, Johann Kranz, and Lorenzo Pupillo, eds., New York: Springer


KATP CITI Joint Symposium

Ultra-broadband Smart Networks for a Smarter Society: Exploring the Policy and Business Directions. KATP-CITI International Joint Symposium Proceedings. June 24, 2011.


Il direct insurance in Italia

Il direct insurance in Italia. Trend di mercato, modelli di business e strategie competitive (Direct insurance in Italy: Market trends, business models and competitive strategies) – Luca Turba (CITI Visiting Scholar) (IBS, 2010)

El Papel del las TIC

El Papel de las Tic en el Desarrollo: Propuesta de América Latina a los retos económicos actuales (Redefining the Digital Divide: The Contribution of ICT to Economic Development in Latin America) – Raul Katz (Ariel, 2010)

Transitioned Media

Transitioned Media: A Turning Point into the Digital Realm. Gali Einav, Springer


Media Ownership and Concentration in America

Media Ownership and Concentration in America. Eli Noam (Oxford, 2009). Awarded “Best Book of the Year in Media Economics by the Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship division of AEJMC


Peer-to-Peer Video

Peer-to-Peer Video: The Economics, Policy, and Culture of Today’s New Mass Medium. Noam, Eli M.; Pupillo, Lorenzo Maria (Eds.) (Springer, 2008)

Television Goes Digital

Television Goes Digital. Darcy Gerbarg (Springer, 2008)

Ultrabroadband C&S

Ultrabroadband: the next stage in communications. Communications & Strategies. 2008.


Mobile Media

Mobile Media Content and Services for Wireless Communications. Jo Groebel, Eli Noam and Valerie Feldman, eds (Erlbaum, 2006).

Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst

Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst: A True Story of Inside Information and Corruption in the Stock Market. Dan Reingold (HarperCollins, 2006).


The Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Revolution. Dan Steinbock (Kogan Page Stylus, 2005).

The Telecommunications Meltdown

The Telecommunications Meltdown (in Japanese), Eli Noam, Thomas Hazlett, Lawrence Lessig, and Richard Epstein (NTT Publishing Company, 2005).

Leveraging Mobile Media

Leveraging Mobile Media: Cross-Media Strategy and Innovation Policy for Mobile Media Communication. Valerie Feldman (Physica-Verlag, 2005).


Internet Television

Internet Television. Eli Noam, Jo Groebel, Darcy Gerbarg, eds (Erlbaum, 2004).


Competition for the Mobile Internet

Competition for the Mobile Internet. Dan Steinbock and Eli Noam (Artech, 2003).

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: Lessons from September 11. A. Michael Noll (Rowman Littlefield, 2003).


Interconnecting the Network of Networks

Interconnecting the Network of Networks. Eli Noam (MIT Press, 2001).

Principles of Modern Communications Technology

Principles of Modern Communications Technology. A. Michael Noll (Artech House, 2001).


The Economics Technology and Content of Digital TV

The Economics, Technology and Content of Digital TV. Darcy Gerbarg (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999).

Public Television in America

Public Television in America. Eli Noam & Jens Walterman (Bertelsman Stiftung, 1999).

The New Investment Theory of Real Options

The New Investment Theory of Real Options and its Implication for Telecommunications Economics. James Alleman and Eli Noam (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999).


Opening Networks to Competition

Opening Networks to Competition: The Regulation and Pricing of Access. David Gabel and David F. Weiman (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998).

Telecommunications in Africa

Telecommunications in Africa. Eli M. Noam (Oxford University Press, 1998).

The V-Chip Debate

The V-Chip Debate: Content Filtering from Television to the Internet. Monroe Price (Erlbaum, 1998)


Globalism and Localism in Telecommunications

Globalism and Localism in Telecommunications. Eli M. Noam and A. J. Wolfson (Elsevier Science Publishers, 1997).

Highway of Dreams

Highway of Dreams: A Critical View Along the Information Superhighway. A. Michael Noll (Erlbaum, 1997).

Telecommunications in Latin America

Telecommunications in Latin America. Eli M. Noam (Oxford University Press, 1997).

Telecommunications in Western Asia and the Middle East

Telecommunications in Western Asia and the Middle East. Eli M. Noam (Oxford University Press, 1997).


Information Superhighways Revisited

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Private Networks and Public Objectives

Private Networks and Public Objectives. Eli M. Noam & Aine NíShúilleabháin (Elsevier, 1996).


American Regulatory Federalism

American Regulatory Federalism and Telecommunications Infrastructure. Paul Teske (Erlbaum, 1995).

Quality and Reliability of Public Objectives

Quality and Reliability of Telecommunications Infrastructure. William Lehr (Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates, 1995).

Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal

Symposia: Television Self-Regulation and Ownership Regulation: The American Experience. Presented by the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, Volume 13, Number 3, 1995.


Asymmetric Deregulation

Asymmetric Deregulation: The Dynamics of Telecommunications Policy in Europe and the United States. Eli M. Noam and Gerard Pogorel (Ablex, 1994).

Telecommunications in the Pacific Basin

Telecommunications in the Pacific Basin: An Evolutionary Approach. Douglas A. Conn, Seisuke Komatsuzaki and Eli Noam (Oxford University Press, 1994).


The International  Market for Film and Television Programs

The International Market for Film and Television Programs. Brenda Dervin, Joel C. Millonzi and Eli M. Noam (Ablex, 1993).


Technologies without Boundaries

Technologies without Boundaries: On Telecommunications in a Global Age. Ithiel de Sola Pool, edited by Eli M. Noam (Spanish Edition, Fondo del Cultura Economica, 1993; also available in Japanese, 2003).


Japan's ISDN Revolution

Japan’s ISDN Revolution. Osamu Inoue, Tatsuo Kawasaki, Takeshi Kawauchi, Tadashi Mizuno, Eli M. Noam, Jerry Nowicki, Kent M. Takeda, Hisashi Yazawa. Introduction by Kohji Ohboshi (Intertec Publishing Corp., 1992).

Telecommunications in Europe

Telecommunications in Europe. Eli Noam (Oxford University Press, 1992).

Telecommunications Revolution

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Television in Europe

Television in Europe. Eli Noam (Oxford University Press, 1991).

After the Breakup

After the Breakup: Assessing the New Post-AT&T Divestiture Era. Barry G. Cole (Columbia University Press, 1991; Japanese Translation, Columbia University Press, 1991).

Integrated Broadband Networks

Integrated Broadband Networks: The Public Policy Issues. Martin C. J. Elton (Elsevier, 1991).

Price Caps and Incentive Regulation

Price Caps and Incentive Regulation in Telecommunications. Michael A. Einhorn (Kluwer, 1991).

Information Superhighways

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Technologies with Boundaries

Technologies without Boundaries Eli Noam. Editor for Ithiel de Sola Pool (posthumously) (Harvard University Press, 1990).


Cable TV Advertising

Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula. Rajeev Batra and Rashi Glazer (Greenwood Press, 1989).

The Cost of Libel

The Cost of Libel: Economic and Policy Implications. Everette E. Dennis and Eli M. Noam (Columbia University Press, 1989).

New Directions in Telecommunications Policy

New Directions in Telecommunications Policy, vol. 1, Paula Newberg, ed (Durham, 1989, vol. 2, 1989).



Law of International Telecom in US

Law of International Telecommunications in the United States. Stephen R. Barnett, Michael Botein and Eli M. Noam (Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 1987).


Services in Transition

Services in Transition: The Impact of Information Technologies on the Service Sector. Gerard R. Faulhaber, Eli M. Noam and Roberta Tasley (Ballinger, 1986).

Technological Innovation: Regulation and the Monetary Economy

Technological Innovation, Regulation and the Monetary Economy. Colin Lawrence and Robert Shay (Ballinger, 1986).

Tracing New Orbits

Tracing New Orbits: Cooperation and Competition in Satellite Development. Donna A. Demac (Columbia University Press, 1986).


Video Media Competition

Video Media Competition: Regulation, Economics, and Technology. Eli M. Noam (Columbia University Press, 1985).


Telecommunications Regulation Today and Tomorrow

Telecommunications Regulation Today and Tomorrow. Eli M. Noam (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983).