CITI initiated a fellows program that features a monthly webinar series. The participants of this program were a selected membership of leading academic and nonprofit researchers, along with government and corporate policy makers. Speakers present forward looking content, that shows new data, raises impending issues, and promotes discussion among the group.

CITI Fellows Leadership

Ben Compaine Northeastern University
Fiona Alexander American University
Jason Buckweitz Columbia University
Michael Nelson Georgetown
Eli Noam Columbia University 

Current Fellows (2022-2023)

Fiona Alexander American University
Jonathan Askin

Brooklyn Law School

Robert C. Atkinson Columbia Business School
Johannes Bauer Michigan State University
Erik Bohlin Chalmers University of Technology
L. Jean Camp Indiana University
Ben Compaine Northeastern University
Michelle Connolly Duke University
Bill Dutton Oxford University
Robert Frieden Penn State University
Martha Garcia-Murillo Syracuse University
Tom Hazlett Clemson University
John Horrigan Technology Policy Institute
Heather Hudson University of Alaska - Anchorage
Mark Jamison University of Florida
Bill Lehr MIT
Jonathan Levy Federal Communications Commission
Robin Mansell London School of Economics and Political Science
Michael Nelson Georgetown University
Eli Noam Columbia Business School
Jean Prewitt Independent Film and Television Alliance
Brad Ramsey National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Andrea Renda Centre for European Policy Studies
Amit Schejter Ben Gurion University
Henning Schulzrinne Columbia University
Marvin Sirbu Carnegie Mellon University
Amie Stepanovich University of Colorado - Boulder
Larry Strickling NTIA
Sharon Stover University of Texas
Catherine Tucker MIT
Elena Vartanova Moscow State University
Len Waverman DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
Kevin Werbach University of Pennsylvania
Steve Wildman Michigan State University
Richard Whitt NetsEdge LLC
Irene Wu Federal Communications Commission


Recent Fellows Speakers



March 6, 2023

Joost van Dreunen Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU's Stern School of Business

The Video Game Industry

February 6, 2023

CITI Round Table

Policy Issues for AI

January 9, 2023

Jean-Jacques Sahel, Asia-Pacific Information policy lead and Global telecom policy lead, Google 

Fair Share: Here We Go Again (?)

December 5, 2022

Shane Tews, President, Logan Circle Strategies and Nonresident Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

The Continued Challenges to Global Internet Access 

November 7, 2022

Jason Pielemeir, Executive Director at the Global Network Initiative

Chris Riley, Senior Fellow for Internet Governance at the R Street InstituteIn Defense of the Global, Open Internet

October 3, 2022

Adam Segal, Director, Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program Council on Foreign Relations

Cybersecurity and US-China tech competition

June 2, 2022

Tim Hwang, General Counsel, Substack

Online Advertising is Broken. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

May 2, 2022

Shane Greenstein, Martin Marshall Professor of Business Administration,  Harvard Business School

Where the Cloud Rests: The Economic Geography of Data Centers

April 4, 2022

Dan Gillmor, technology columnist, author and co-founder of the News Co/Lab, Arizona State University

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, director of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and a leading author on trade diplomacy and the digital economy

The Digital Markets Act and the Market Concentration of the Tech Sector

March 7, 2022

CITI Fellows Roundtable

What Happened in 2021 and What's in Store for 2022?

February 7, 2022

Veni Markovski, ICANN Vice President for UN Engagement;

Emily Taylor, CEO, Oxford Information Labs and Associate Fellow, ChathamHouse;

Konstantinos Komaitis, Policy Fellow, Brave New Software Foundation

What exactly is happening at the ITU in 2022...and does it matter?

January 3, 2022

Ariel “Eli” Levite, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Marjory S. Blumenthal, Senior Fellow and Director of the Technology and International Affairs Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Governing the Cloud As It Shapes the Global Digital Transformation