Event Limit Policy

Summer Semester 2024: January-term and EMBA students are in class over the summer and are available for information sessions and networking events.

Fall Semester 2023: Companies are limited to hosting three events per class year (including virtual events), in addition to a single diversity event*.

  • Examples of events that fall under this policy include: company information sessions, practice area networking events, social events, and invite-only events.
  • Examples of events excluded from this policy include: coffee chats, multi-school events and multi-firm events. Individual and small group coffee chats and informational interviews may be scheduled directly with students, but students must not be asked to miss class. It is recommended to follow event date and time guidelines to ensure a student does not have an academic commitment. We encourage companies to be flexible when offering students the opportunity to engage in coffee chats.
  • Different divisions (e.g., investment banking vs. asset management) or geographic offices within a company may qualify as separate entities for the purpose of this policy, and firms must receive prior approval from the CMC before planning an event.

*Companies may host multiple diversity events but must not allow individual students to attend more than one diversity event of their choice

Second-Year Event Guidelines

On-campus company events targeting only second-year students begin Tuesday, September 8, 2023.

  • Events must be no more than 60 minutes long and event blackout periods apply.
  • All events, including those that are virtual or taking place off-campus, must be submitted through COIN in order for the CMC to ensure a conflict-free calendar.
  • Invitation-only events must be requested through COIN in order to avoid conflicts with other firms in your industry.

Joint-Year or First-Year Event Guidelines

  • No events involving first-year students may take place before September 26, 2023. Company representatives may not interact with matriculated first-year students prior to this date.
  • Events must be no more than 60 minutes long and event blackout periods apply.
  • Events may take place from either 6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M. or 8:30 P.M.-9:30 P.M. on any evening between between November 1 and December 7, 2023 (except during blackout periods). All events must be submitted through COIN in order for the CMC to ensure a conflict-free calendar.

Event Blackout Periods

Companies may not host events, including informal networking, on blackout dates as follows:

  • University Holiday September 4
  • Rosh Hashanah (no evening events) September 15
  • Yom Kippur September 25
  • Career Fair September 29
  • Study days/midterm exams October 13-20
  • Fall Break November 6 
  • Election Day holiday November 7
  • Thanksgiving holiday November 22-24
  • Study Days/Final Exams December 8-21
  • Winter Break December 22-January 2
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 15
  • Midterm exams and Spring Break March 1-15
  • Final exams April 26-May 3

Pre-interview Events & Sell Days

Pre-interview events are generally not allowed. Please consult your account manager about your company's circumstances.

Sell Days should never conflict with academic commitments and are therefore best held on Fridays or Saturdays. Additionally, firms may not invite students to sell days or other post interview events until after offers are extended.