About the School


Columbia Business School offers a variety of degree programs that attract independent thinkers from eclectic backgrounds who thrive on challenges both in and outside the classroom. Our programs bridge academic theory and practice so that students develop strong foundational skills as well as a team oriented work ethic and adept leadership and decision-making capabilities. Most importantly, our students are equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset to think strategically and capture opportunity in a competitive business environment. On average, our students have three to seven years of full-time work experience prior to enrolling at Columbia.

MBA Program

MBA students enter in September or January and take the equivalent of five full courses per term for four terms. MBA students who enter in September typically pursue a summer internship between their first and second years. Students who enter in January complete the program in four consecutive terms, rather than taking a term off to pursue a summer internship.

The Career Management Center

Columbia Business School provides a number of ways for companies to recruit our students successfully. The Career Management Center will partner with you to connect you with the most qualified candidates for your full-time and internship hiring needs. While most students graduate in May, our program of study allows students to graduate in February or October as well, which means that our MBA students are available for fulltime hiring year round.

Job Postings

Post full-time, internship, MS, and experienced-level opportunities. The first time you visit the site as an employer, you will be asked to create an account with your own username and password. You will then need to complete a company and contact profile before you are brought to a page where you can access the job posting form (“Post a New Job”). The posting form includes a number of dropdown menus and textboxes to help categorize the job opportunity and make it easier for appropriate candidates to apply.


We are pleased to help promote your off-campus job posting by offering targeted outreach to a variety of industry—and affinity—based student clubs.

Student StatisticsClass of 2023Class of 2024*

Class size 829 629
Average Age 28 28
Average years of work experience 5 5
Average GMAT Score 730 732
Women 41% 45%
Non-U.S. Citizen 46% 45%

*Number of first-year students who will be available for summer internships.

On Campus Interviewing

Second Year Students

Each year approximately 750 students complete their MBAs. The bulk of on-campus interviews for full-time positions take place in October and November, but can continue through the Spring semester.

First-Year Students

Approximately 550 first-year students consider summer employment and other term-off positions. These opportunities allow students to apply their skills in a new or familiar industry, company, or functional area while enabling employers to assess potential full-time employees first hand in the workplace.

On-campus interviews for summer employment begin in January and continue through the spring. Students who participate in internships for the summer are available from mid-May through August.

Corporate Presentations

Those companies conducting on-campus interviews may choose to host a Corporate Presentation as a way to introduce the company to students and develop talent pipelines. The Career Management Center helps strategize and organize these events to ensure they are well coordinated among student groups and of the most value to both companies and students alike.

Recruiters’ Guide

A step-by-step brochure outlines the on-campus interview process at Columbia Business School. It includes information about arranging corporate presentations and scheduling interviews. We also publish an annual employment report. For copies of these publications, call 212-854-5471, or visit our website at: business.columbia.edu/recruiters.


For more information on accessing our MBA talent pool and to learn how we can assist your recruiting efforts, please contact:

Career Management Center
[email protected]

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