Whether you’re looking for a hungry, entry-level contributor or an experienced leader, Columbia Business School students and alumni are ready to step in and make a difference. That’s because our community is rich with business talent.

All of our students have trained with the very best teachers and practitioners in their fields. They’ve been immersed in real-time business practices and are prepared to help drive your firm to the next level. And if you’re looking for recruits with expertise in law, science, or other fields, you can also reach out to one of the other career offices on campus.


For the roughly 550 Full-Time MBA students that start school in August, the summer provides an opportunity to explore a new function or industry of interest. Internships are also valuable to many companies, as they can use this time to assess a student’s fit for full-time employment after graduation.

We have about 200 students that start the MBA Program in January. They do not seek internships, since they take classes during the summer term. Companies often visit campus over the summer to meet this group of MBAs. For these students in particular, and increasingly for all students, school-year internships and projects provide connections to employers.

Interns can be recruited through job postingsresume book databases or on-campus recruiting.

Intern Profile

profile “I was inspired by the class Launching Social Ventures with Ron Gonen '04. From all of the great entrepreneurs he brought in, I saw that so many of the new and exciting ventures that are changing the world have a tech component. It got me excited about pursuing technology to influence social change. That experience led me to an internship at Google, where I fell in love with the culture and the breadth of the company's reach. I'll be returning there to work full-time, likely in the global education group.” —Jenny Tolan '14, Google


Looking to make a hire with a dynamic and specialized skillset? Our highly-regarded Master of Science students take a mix of PhD and MBA level coursework; tailoring their studies to particular quantitative and analytical pursuits. They are ready to make high-level contributions from the start.

Employers that rely on marketing analytics, for instance, hire MS in Marketing Science students to help get ahead. Through an intensive yet flexible analytical and data-oriented curriculum, these students have developed the technical and research expertise to excel in a variety of industries such as consumer products, consulting, tech firms, nonprofits, and big data firms.

MS in Financial Economics students bring a well-rounded quantitative analytics skillset, developed through rigorous training with Columbia’s world-class thought leaders, to a variety of firms. These include investment and commercial banks, pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, consulting firms, and policy-oriented organizations.

MS in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis students focus on company valuations, fundamental analysis and microeconomics. Students complete a thesis grounded in a real-world business problem, and target roles in M&A, distressed investing/restructuring, equity and credit analysis and private equity.

Analyst-level students can be recruiting through job postings as well as resume books/databases available on COIN or by contacting Kelly Larnach.

Associates & Managers

Employers who hire our MBA and EMBA graduates consistently praise the analytical skills, decision-making abilities, and entrepreneurial mindset that our students exhibit from the start. These dynamic contributors will help your company seize new opportunities right away.

Our Full-Time MBAs are a diverse group that has five years of work experience on average. Some are even more seasoned managers, as often students use the MBA experience to transition to new industries or functions. Alternatively, many are looking to advance in their chosen field. Wherever your firm wants to go, these students are poised to help you get there.

Our EMBA Program carries the same academic requirements as the Full-Time MBA Program and results in the same degree. However, EMBA students complete their coursework on a different schedule, taking classes through a number of flexible scheduling options while maintaining full-time work responsibilities. Students graduate in May, August, or December depending on when they enter the program.

Through this rigorous schedule, EMBA students can put what they learn in class into practice at their jobs in real time. They also benefit from Columbia’s collaborative learning model, completing projects with diverse and talented students from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Associates and managers can be recruited through job postingsresume book databases or on-campus recruiting

Senior Managers

Hires at this level often come from our global alumni community as well as our Executive MBA students. It’s an impressive group. Our alumni network encompasses 46,000+ graduates, with 7,000+ of whom are located outside of the United States. Thousands of these experienced, talented leaders are investigating their career options at any given time.

When you hire one of our experienced alumni, for mid-level management through the C-suite, they bring global Columbia connections with them to help your firm thrive. 

Learn more about the Executive MBA students.

Senior Managers can be recruited through job postings or the resume book database.