The Center on Japanese Economy and Business Has Been the Preeminent Academic Research Center for Over 36 Years

Established at Columbia Business School in 1986 under the direction of its founder, Professor Hugh Patrick, and led currently by its director, Professor David Weinstein, the Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB) promotes knowledge and understanding of Japanese business and economics in an international context. CJEB is a research organization widely recognized for its vigorous research activities, international symposia, conferences, and lectures, held in New York City and Tokyo, and most recently online, which provide prominent speakers from the public and private sectors a forum for collaboration and reflection on Japan, the United States, and the global economy.

Under the leadership of Professors David Weinstein and Takatoshi Ito, CJEB’s associate director of research, CJEB supports research projects and library and computer-based resource initiatives. Other core faculty members are Japan specialists drawn from Columbia’s Business School, School of International and Public Affairs, Department of Economics, and Department of Political Science. While CJEB is an independent and nonpartisan research center that takes an objective stance on political or economic policies, we encourage our researchers and scholars to hold their own individual perspectives. Funding and resources are provided by corporate sponsors, foundations, individuals, Columbia Business School, and Columbia University.

For more than 36 years, CJEB has developed, grown, and evolved in order to carry out its mission effectively in a changing Japan and a changing world. In this way, CJEB has been able to build and maintain its status as the preeminent academic center on Japanese business and economics anywhere outside Japan.



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