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FinancialQUEST 2.0
Published:  Nikkei Digital Media, Inc.
Restrictions: This resource is available only to current faculty, staff and students of Columbia University.
FinancialQUEST (FQ) is a data retrieval service which enables access to various categories of NEEDS stored data, for example, companies' financial results, stock price data, bond price data, macro economic data, and industrial statistic data, via the internet. It enables data acquisition required for analysis in any search condition.

FQ is very user-friendly system. Users can operate according to guide screen and in addition, FQ provides extensive help instruction, operational guide, and codebook. Moreover, as FQ can access a NEEDS central database, it enables the users to download the latest data at any time.

CJEB currently subscribes to the Comprehensive Data on Microeconomics database. FQ provides different database packages to fit the needs of each of its users.

Supplemental Materials:
Nikkei FinancialQuest Data List (English)**
Nikkei FinancialQuest Data List (Japanese)**
** Please note that the Center is subscribed to the Package 2, "Comprehensive Data on Microeconomics." Please contact us if you need access to data that is not part of this package.

Please contact JP Perez at [email protected] or [email protected] to arrange access to this database.

URLs: (English) (Japanese)