Professor Takahashi Ito

Director: Takatoshi Ito

With imposed stress on public pension systems across advanced economies due to growing aging populations, many countries have created or reformed public pension funds to finance future shortfalls in pension contributions. Under the guidance of Professor Takatoshi Ito, director of the Program on Public Pension and Sovereign Funds ("PPPSF") and associate director of research at CJEB, this program was established to examine and conduct extensive research on how public pension funds and sovereign wealth funds should be structured, both in portfolio and governance. Professor Keiko Honda contributes to the program as a senior advisor. 

This program focuses on public pension fund reforms across Japan and other global economies, and how Japan can learn from other public pension fund reforms to enhance its Government Pension and Investment Fund (GPIF). Similarly, the GPIF can serve as a model for structuring other public and quasi-public pension funds in Japan and other emerging market economies with the intention of setting up or reforming its own funds. For more information on this program, please contact Ryoko Ogino, Managing Director, at 212-853-8593 or [email protected].

Senior Advisor: Keiko Honda


Program on Public Pension Working Paper Series

Public Pension and Sovereign Funds Conference and Webinar Series