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CJEB Working Paper Series

CJEB Occasional Paper Series


The Center has produced the following papers in 2021-22:

Working Papers

WP 380: The Long-Run Effects of Short-Time Compensation by Takao Kato and Naomi Kodama

WP 381: Tillers of Prosperity: Land Ownership, Reallocation, and Structural Transformation by Shuhei Kitamura

WP 382: The Role of Management Accounting in Stakeholder Theory by Junya Ohnishi

WP 383: Public Management Accounting in Japan: Case Study of the National Tax Agency in the Ministry of Finance by Junya Ohnishi


The Center has produced the following papers in 2020-21:

Working Papers

WP 375: Japan's Voluntary Lockdown by Tsutomu Watanabe and Tomoyoshi Yabu

WP 376: The Darkside of Pursuing Growth in the Product Cycle — Corruption, Graft, and Bubbles by William V. Rapp

WP 377: The Welfare Implications of Massive Money Injection: The Japanese Experience from 2013 to 2020 by Tsutomu Watanabe

WP 378: A Retrospective on Abenomics by Edward J. Lincoln

WP 379: Japan’s Voluntary Lockdown: Further Evidence Based on Age-Specific Mobile Location Data by Tsutomu Watanabe and Tomoyoshi Yabu


Occasional Papers

OP 80: Japan’s Economy: Stable in a Turbulent World by Hugh Patrick

OP 81: My Career as an Economist on Japan and the Asia-Pacific by Hugh Patrick


The Center has produced the following papers in 2019-20:

Working Papers

WP 369: Trade Effects on Job Changes through Job Creation and Destruction Responses by Masahiro Endoh

WP 370: Coming in at a Trickle: The Optimal Frequency of Public Benefit Payments by Cameron LaPoint and Shogo Sakabe

WP 371: Offshoring and Working Hours Adjustments in a Within-firm Labor Market by Masahiro Endoh

WP 372: The Future of Japan's Financial Market by Nobuyuki Kinoshita

WP 373: The Responses of Consumption and Prices in Japan to the COVID-19 Crisis and the Tohoku Earthquake by Tsutomu Watanabe

WP 374: The Effect of the U.S.-China Trade War on U.S. Investment by Mary Amiti, Sang Hoon Kong, and David E. Weinstein


The Center has produced the following papers in 2018-19:

Working Papers

WP 363: The Samurai Bond: Credit Supply and Economic Growth in Pre-War Japan by Sergi Basco and John P. Tang

WP 364: The Neo-Fisher Effect: Econometric Evidence from Empirical and Optimizing Models by Martin Uribe

WP 365: Main Bank Relationship and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from Japan by Hideaki Sakawa and Naoki Watanabel 

WP 366: Earnings Management and Internal Control in Bank-dominated Corporate Governance: Evidence from Japan by Hideaki Sakawa and Naoki Watanabel

WP 367: Japanese Newspapers by David Flath

WP 368: The Impact of the 2018 Trade War on U.S. Prices and Welfare by Mary Amiti, Stephen J. Redding, and David Weinstein

Occasional Papers

OP 79: Japan's Economy: Stable, with Modest Sustained Change by Hugh Patrick


The Center has produced the following papers in 2017-18:

Working Papers

WP 360: Difficulties and Challenges: Japan’s Post-War History of Economic Trends and Monetary Policy by Yoshio Suzuki

WP 361: The Crisis that Wasn’t: How Japan Has Avoided a Bond Market Panic by Mark T. Greenan and David E. Weinstein

WP 362: The Federal Reserve in the Shadow of the Bank of Japan by Thomas F. Cargill and Gerald P. O'Driscoll Jr.

Occasional Papers

OP 78: Japan's Economy: Moving Along its Modest Sustainable Growth Path by Hugh Patrick 


The Center has produced the following papers in 2016-17:

Working Papers

WP 353: When Are Uninformed Boards Preferable? by Naoto Isaka

WP 354: Product Dynamics and Aggregate Shocks: Evidence from Japanese Product and Firm Level Data by Robert Dekle, Atsushi Kawakami, Nobuhiro Kitoyaki, and Tsutomu Miyagawa

WP 355: In the Eye of the Storm by William Rapp

WP 356: Lessons From Koizumi-Era Financial Services Sector Reforms by Naomi Fink

WP 357: Lending to Unhealthy Firms in Japan During the Lost Decade: Distinguishing between Technical and Financial Health by Suparna Chakraborty and Joe Peek

WP 358: Are Picked-up Losers Really Losers?: Evidence from Scrapping Policies in the Japanese Spinning Industry, 1965-79 by Takafumi Korenaga

WP 359: A New Governance Framework for Global Financial Regulation? by Masamichi Kono

Occasional Papers

OP 77: Review of Yoshio Suzuki's “Difficulties and Challenges, Japan’s Post-War History of Monetary Policy and Economic Trends” by Hugh Patrick


The Center has produced the following papers in 2015-16:

Working Papers

WP 344: Was the Forex Fixing Fixed? by Takatoshi Ito and Masahiro Yamada

WP 345: Heterogeneity in Japanese TFP, Part 1: Why Overcoming Deflation Alone is Not Enough by Naomi Fink

WP 346: Education and Marriage Decisions of Japanese Women and the Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act by Linda Edwards, Takuya Hasebe and Tadashi Sakai

WP 347: Heterogeneity in Japanese TFP, Part 2: Regulation, Capital Allocation, and TFP in Japan by Naomi Fink

WP 348: Good Jobs and Bad Jobs in Japan: 1982-2007 by Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato

WP 349: Growth Convergence and the Middle Income Trap by Takatoshi Ito

WP 350: The Regional Spillover Effects of the Tohoku Earthquake by Robert Dekle, Eunpyo Hong, and Wei Xie

WP 351: Four Types of Attitudes Towards Foreign Workers: Evidence from a Survey in Japan by Frances Rosenbluth, Rieko Kage, and Seiki Tanaka

WP 352: Puzzles in the Forex Tokyo “Fixing”: Order Imbalances and Biased Pricing by Banks by Takatoshi Ito and Masahiro Yamada

Occasional Papers

OP 73: Hiroshima Kosoku Kotsu Corporation by Hugh Patrick

OP 74: Japan's Abenomics Bumps Along by Hugh Patrick 

OP 75: The Current Situation in the Japanese Economy and its Financial Markets – What is the Effect of the Negative Interest Rate? by Yasushi Kinoshita

OP 76: Interview with Hugh Patrick by Anna Balderston


The Center has produced the following papers in 2014-15:

Working Papers

WP 338: Quantifying Sentiment for the Japanese Economy as Predictors of Stock Prices by Hiroshi Ishijima

WP 339: Japanese Monetary Policy and International Spillovers by Robert Dekle and Koichi Hamada

WP 340: Japan’s Foreign Economic Policy Strategies and Economic Performance by Shiro Armstrong and Peter Drysdale

WP 341: Absence of Safe Assets and Fiscal Crisis by Masaya Sakuragawa and Yukie Sakuragawa

WP 342: Selective Disclosure: The Case of Nikkei Preview Articles by William Goetzmann, Yasushi Hamao, and Hidenori Takahashi

WP 343: Exchange Rate Exposure and Risk Management: The Case of Japanese Exporting Firms by Takatoshi Ito, Satoshi Koibuchi, Kiyotaka Sato, and Junko Shimizu

Occasional Papers

OP 67: Japan's Abenomics: So Far So Good, But Will It Prevail? by Hugh Patrick

OP 68: Nagasaki Jidousya Co., Ltd. by Hugh Patrick

OP 69: Oshima Shipbuilding Company by Hugh Patrick

OP 70: Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Company by Hugh Patrick

OP 71: Rethinking the Growth Strategy: Competition is the Way Toward Strengthening Agriculture by Takatoshi Ito and Masayoshi Homna

OP 72: The Future of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:  Concerns for Transparency and Governance by Takatoshi Ito


The Center has produced the following papers in 2013-14:

Working Papers:

WP 321: Real Exchange Rates in a Model of Structural Change: Applications to the Real Yen-Dollar and Chinese RMB-Dollar Exchange Rates by Robert Dekle

WP 322: How Making it Easier to Succeed Reduces Success: IPO Reform and New Firm Performance by Robert Eberhart, Kathleen Eisenhardt, and Charles Eesley

WP 323: Saving–Investment Balance and Fiscal Sustainability of Japan: A View from the JGB Market by Tokuo Iwaisako

WP 324: Academic Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Promotion of Information Technology & Computer Science by Robert Cole

WP 325: The Market for Corporate Subsidiaries in Japan: An Empirical Study of Trades Among Listed Firms by Ulrike Schaede and Tatsuo Ushijima

WP 326: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, and the Great Recession: Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade by Ryo Kambayashi and Takao Kato

WP 327: Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry by Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki, and Chad Syverson

WP 328: Does Embeddedness Reduce Innovation and Differentiation? Evidence from the Japanese Microbrewery Industry by Christina Ahmadjian and Jesper Edman

WP 329: Framing From Afar: External Agents and the Construction of the Japanese Ji-Buru Industry by Christina Ahmadjian and Jesper Edman

WP 330: How Much Do Official Price Indexes Tell Us About Inflation? by Jessie Handbury, Tsutomu Watanabe, and David E. Weinstein

WP 331: Five Years Later: Lessons from the Financial Crisis by Jeffrey Shafer

WP 332: Japan Post Insurance: Unjustified Favoritism by Edward Lincoln

WP 333: Nonlinear Pricing of Japanese Newspapers by David Flath

WP 334: Japanese Newspapers by David Flath

WP 335: The Structure and Evolution of Buyer-Supplier Networks by Takayuki Mizuno, Wataru Souma, and Tsutomu Watanabe

WP 336: Spinning Tales About Japanese Cotton Spinning: Saxonhouse (1974) Then And Now by Serguey Braguinsky and David A. Hounshell

WP 337: Explaining the Rise of East Asian Multinationals: State-Industry Links, a Stages Model of Structural Change, and Japan as a Precedent Setter by Terutomo Ozawa

Occasional Papers:

OP 62: Abenomics: Japan's New Economic Policy Package by Hugh Patrick

OP 63: Hagihara Industries Inc. by Hugh Patrick

OP 64: Ryobi Holdings Company and Ryobi Group by Hugh Patrick

OP 65: Insurance Enterprise Risk Management: Toward The Next Generation by Shigeyuki Goto

OP 66: Japan's Abenomics: Recovery Leading to Good Growth? by Hugh Patrick


The Center produced the following papers in 2012-13:

Working Papers:

WP 304: Nice To Be On the A-List by Yasushi Hamao

WP 305: Uninsurable Risk and the Determination of Real Interest Rates: An Investigation Using UK Indexed Bonds by David Barr, Parantap Basu and Kenji Wada

WP 306: Is Japan Really a “Buy”? The Corporate Governance, Cash Holdings, and Economic Performance of Japanese Companies by Kazuo Kato, Meng Li, and Douglas Skinner

WP 307: How Long Will Japanese Government Bond Prices Remain High? by Takeo Hoshi and Takatoshi Ito

WP 308: Policy Options for Japan's Revival by Takeo Hoshi and Anil Kashyap

WP 309: Turning Japanese? Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade to the Current Crisis by Masazumi Wakatabe

WP 310: How Much Do Bank Shocks Affect Investment? Evidence from Matched Bank-Firm Loan Data by Mary Amiti and David E. Weinstein - *updated March 2013*

WP 311: Brides for Sale: Cross-Border Marriages and Female Immigration by Daiji Kawaguchi and Soohyung Lee

WP 312: Japan Post Bank: Problematic Issues by Edward Lincoln

WP 313: Syncretism: The Politics of Japan's Financial Reforms by Kenji Kushida and Kay Shimizu

WP 314: Monetary Policy and Transmission of Bubbles by Masaya Sakuragawa and Naoki Shinada

WP 315: Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Board Reforms in the Japanese Electronics Industry by Christina Ahmadjian and Toru Yoshikawa

WP 316: Legal Background to the Low Profitability of Japanese Enterprises by Nobuyuki Kinoshita

WP 317: Information and Export Decisions: Bank's Role as a Conduit of Information by Tomohiko Inui, Keiko Ito, Daisuke Miyakawa, and Keishi Shoji

WP 318: Samsung and LG: From Also-Rans to Dominance in Consumer Electronics by Robert Myers

WP 319: The Dynamics of Multinational Corporation-Impacted Comparative Advantage: Relevancy to Ricardo's View on Cross-border Investment and Samuelson's Skepticism about Globalization by Terutomo Ozawa

WP 320: The Classical Origins of Akamatsu's "Flying-Geese" Theory: A Note on a Missing Link to David Hume by Terutomo Ozawa

Occasional Papers:

OP 60: Built-in Stabilizers and Risk Literacy: Protecting the Sustainability of the Insurance Industry by Shigeyuki Goto

OP 61: Japan’s Sputtering Economic Recovery Amid Heightened Political Turmoil by Hugh Patrick

All WPs and OPs are available at Columbia University Academic Commons, an institutional repository program sponsored by the Columbia University Libraries.  These papers are searchable by keyword, or can be found directly in the following categories:

CJEB Working Paper Series

CJEB Occasional Paper Series