Global Family Enterprise Program was launched in 2015 and comprises an invited group of alumni and friends who are family enterprise principals, entrepreneurial thinkers, and advisors in New York City and beyond. The Advisory Board plays a powerful role in the strategic growth of the Program. The Advisory Board also plays a role in creating new opportunities to support student and alumni family enterprise endeavors, serves as a champion of the Columbia Business School brand in the larger world of family-owned enterprises, and assists the Program in building a strong, dynamic, and unprecedented network of family enterprise entrepreneurs and advisors.

Advisory Board Members in October 2022
Advisory Board Members at the October 2022 Meeting

Advisory Board Members

AmyBinder '94

Amy Binder ’94

Co-Founder & CEO, RF|Binder Partners

Bram Bluestein '71

Bram Bluestein ’71

Chairman, Bluestein Ventures

Tim Brown

Timothy P. Brown

Founder & CEO, Sageworth

Alice  Chen '05

Alice Chen ’05

President, Tawa Supermarkets

Mark Collins '83

Mark Collins ’83

Partner, Brown Advisory

Taimur Dawood '99

Taimur Dawood ’99

Chairman, Descon (Pakistan)

Sajjad Ebrahim '73

Sajjad Ebrahim ’73

Chairman & CEO, Lark Investments (Canada)

Ken Fuirst

Ken Fuirst ’90

Co-President, Levitt-Fuirst Associates 

Andrew Gundlach '01

Andrew Gundlach ’01

Director, First Eagle Investment Management

Lewis Hart

Lewis Hart

Managing Director, Brown Brothers Harriman

Edward Haughey '18

Edward Haughey ’18

Director, Norbrook Laboratories (UK)

Amanda Hawkins '11

Amanda Hawkins ’11

CEO, Canerector (Canada)

Michael Heuberger '09

Michael Heuberger ’09

Stanley Ko '99

Stanley Ko ’99

President, Hasmore Ltd. (Taiwan)

Angeliki Koromvoki '19

Angeliki Koromvoki ’19

Partner, VNK Capital (Greece)

Mark Mays '89

Mark Mays ’89

Mays Family Foundation

Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell (Ex Officio)

Chairman, Mitchells Stores 

Pierre Mordacq '07

Pierre Mordacq ’07

Partner, AtlanVest

Koichi Ohara '04 and Yasuyuki Ohara '68

Koichi Ohara ’04 & Yasuyuki Ohara ’68

President & COO
Chairman & CEO, Tsuchiya Company (Japan) 

William Olsson '17

William Sten Olsson ’17

Chairman, Stena (Sweden)

Guido Ottolenghi '94

Guido Ottolenghi ’94

General Manager & CEO, La Petrolifera Italo Rumena (Italy)

Michael Preston

Michael Preston (Emeritus)

Professor and Business Advisor

Anne Kirstine Riemann '02

Anne Kirstine Riemann ’02

Coach, Vetinas ApS (Denmark)

Eduardo Rossi '00

Eduardo Rossi ’00

Partner, Peninsula Participações (Brazil)

Ali Sabanci '95

Ali İsmail Sabancı ’95

Chairman, Pegasus Airlines (Turkey)

Vivek Salgaocar '13

Vivek Salgaocar ’13

Director, Vimson (Singapore)

Alex Swieca

Alex Swieca

Coatue Management