Professor Patricia Angus

Executive Education: Family Enterprises and Wealth (Online)

Thrive in a Complex Family Enterprise with Time-Tested Frameworks

Family enterprises are one of the well-known forms of business and are seen as the backbone of many strong economies around the world. With the number of family-owned businesses growing across the globe (KPMG International Report), large consultancies such as McKinsey, Deloitte, and EY have their own dedicated family enterprise teams to serve the demand.

Ownership patterns, family vision, succession, and many other exclusive features of family enterprises present unique challenges and opportunities in the governance and growth of these enterprises.

This program developed by Patricia Angus, an adjunct professor of business and managing director of Global Family Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School, is designed to be inclusive and effective for anyone currently part of a complex family enterprise, that includes family business owners, shareholders, family office professionals, or those who aspire to serve such enterprises. The program will empower participants to become a valued voice in the inner circle of the family ecosystem and play a critical role in the success of complex family enterprises (CFEs).

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Executive Education: Enterprising Families

Are you searching for better ways to own, manage, and lead your family business, family office, or family philanthropy? Want to learn together as a family? "Enterprising Families" is a three-day intensive workshop designed by Columbia Business School faculty designed just for you. 

Faculty Director: 

  • Patricia Angus, Adjunct Professor 

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What They're Saying

"I found the program to be extremely complete in terms of the range of disciplines, problems, matters of family enterprise could address...I am living through most of what was covered."  

—Luis Amodio Giombini, Director at Grupo CAABSA (Mexico)

Designed and delivered by the faculty who created Columbia Business School's Global Family Enterprise Program that enables students to understand all aspects of owning, managing, and working with family enterprises, this three-day Executive Education Program is delivered by faculty with decades of experience advising family-owned firms.

Members of enterprising families who own shared assets, including operating enterprises, family offices, investments, philanthropy, and more will learn how to view their business situation through time-tested frameworks that provide best practices and lessons learned from academia and practice.

By learning together, family members will be able to lead all that they do together more effectively, efficiently, and harmoniously. This program is designed to draw families from around the globe who share common challenges across cultures.

Executive Access: Wealth Planning Essentials

Have you been meaning to develop a plan for your wealth? Do you wonder about how your current plan will impact your family? Would you like to know more about your parents’ plans? This three-hour workshop has been designed for you! 

Faculty: Patricia Angus, Adjunct Professor and Managing Director, Global Family Enterprise Program  

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What They're Saying

"Professor Angus was able to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time, making me want more and clearly outlined an action plan that I can handle right away."  

—Participant, April 2021