Welcome from the Managing Director

As a Co-Founder of the Global Family Enterprise Program, I hope we can welcome you on campus soon to participate and become a member of our community. The Program was founded as an entrepreneurial partnership between several CBS professors and students. The first class, Family Business Management, was launched in 2009 to meet the needs of CBS students who were going to become owners or managers of their family-owned businesses. Since then, we have been on a rapid growth trajectory, expanding the scope, depth, and breadth of our approach to family enterprise in all its dimensions. We became a formal program in 2016, and proceeded to launch and develop a total of 5 MBA and 2 EMBA courses. We consistently attract students who understand that the success of their future careers—and their personal lives—depends on a deep understanding of the complex issues related to family enterprise. We have supported and fostered highly acclaimed research and convened global scholars around pressing issues. We have created a global community of students, alumni, and others interested in learning from and with each other. We have hosted dozens of events taking place both online and in person.

Why is this important? Because family enterprise is at the heart of the world's economy and society. 

  • 80-90% of the world's businesses are family owned or controlled 
  • The fate of all businesses lies in the hands of the owners, who are our primary focus
  • Family offices are a driving force in the financial sector and will continue to grow rapidly in the years to come 
  • Family-funded philanthropy contributes 80-90% of the world's philanthropic dollars
  • The increasing consolidation of wealth within a small number of families is one of the most challenging issues of our time

This has been an exciting time for all of us. We are especially grateful to our Advisory Board, who have provided financial and strategic support, and have been steadfast in their belief in our mission. Our students have been our partners throughout and we continue to cherish their enthusiasm and support. Repeatedly, we hear that our Program is different because of the caliber of the people we engage, the quality of the questions we ask, and the safe space that we create for all. 

The business schools of today and tomorrow must engage the hearts and minds of their students and the community to tackle the pressing issues we all face.

I hope you'll join us on this journey of heart and mind. 


Patricia Angus signature

Patricia Angus
Managing Director and Adjunct Professor of Business