About the Lecture Series

The N.T. Wang Distinguished Lecture is named in honor of the late Dr. Nian Tzu Wang, who nearly a quarter century ago foresaw the enormous potential of the Chinese economy and recognized the need to promote greater understanding of developments in Chinese international business relations and their implications. The lecture series commemorates Dr. Wang, who spearheaded the China international Business Seminar at Columbia University and brought together practitioners, policy makers, and scholars to create a new dialogue between government, business, and research communities.

The N.T. Wang Lecture Series is co-sponsored by The Chazen Institute for Global Business and The Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University.

Past Lectures

“The Impact of the Chinese Exclusion Act on the U.S. Economy” with Nancy Qian, October 27, 2022

“China Is Not A Donor” with Deborah Brautigam, February 28, 2022

“E-commerce and Inclusive Growth in China: Opportunities and Challenges” with Xubei Luo, November 11, 2019

“China’s Real Estate Boom: Opportunities and Challenges” with Wei Xiong, March 27, 2019

“Growing Pains in the Chinese Social Security System” with Hanming Fang, February 20, 2018

“The State of State Capitalism in China” with Yasheng Huang, February 8, 2017

“Social Welfare: Does it Have a Place in China's Evolving Economy?” with Zhigang Yuan, October 14, 2015

“The Chinese Economy: Boom or Bust?” with Lawrence J. Lau, October 8, 2014

“Urbanization and Land Ownership Reform in China” with Qiren Zhou, February 5, 2014. See photos from the event on Facebook

“The Future of China's Growth: An Insider's View” with Liu Shijin, November 28, 2012

“Sustaining China's Economic Growth” with Nicholas Lardy, April 10, 2012. View event photos on Facebook

“Development and Transition: Lessons from China” with Justin Lin, September 28, 2010