Visiting Scholars, Officers of Research, and Staff Officers of Research

The Chazen Visiting Scholar Program at Columbia Business School provides international doctoral candidates, faculty members, and business practitioners with the opportunity to take advantage of Columbia's resources to further their research and scholarship. A visiting appointment is a non-stipendiary position lasting a period of between one month and one year, with an option to extend for up to one additional year. The visiting scholar will receive Columbia University library access and borrowing privileges, a temporary Columbia University ID card and email address, and the option to audit up to two open courses per semester.

Please note: students seeking bachelor's or master's degrees are not eligible.

Visitors must be sponsored by a faculty member at the Business School, who will serve as the scholar's academic adviser and provide guidance on the progress of the visitor's research. The faculty adviser should specialize in the same area as the prospective visitor.

The Visiting Scholar designation is a courtesy designation that Columbia University offers to those who want to use University resources for their own purposes. The Visiting Scholar designation does not signify a formal affiliation with the University, and therefore, one should not represent themselves as having an affiliation with Columbia on their CVs, bios, etc. Additionally, if one needs a visa to enter the U.S., the purpose of the visit needs to match the visa status: visiting scholars should be in J status (unless they have another visa status other than a tourist visa) that best represents their primary purpose for being in the U.S. Columbia will sponsor J-1 visas for visiting scholars. Please also refer to the ISSO website for any questions. Effective 2014, in compliance with University policies, visitors may be granted one of three designations by the University. The designation is dependent on whether the visitor and faculty sponsor intend to collaborate on research that may/will result in a co-authored paper and/or publication.


  1.  Visiting Scholars: visitors who perform their own, independent research (only for PhD candidates or Postdocs)
  2.  “Officer of Research:” visitors who are performing collaborative research with a faculty member and already hold a PhD
  3. Staff Officer of Research:” visitors who are performing collaborative research with a faculty member and do not hold a PhD

Visitors who only conduct independent research must be designated "Visiting Scholars."

If you are not sure which affiliation best fits your visit, please see the following document for more details: Guidelines for Affiliation

Pre-approval needed from the Dean's Office (will take at least 6-8 weeks to process)

  • Independent Visiting Scholars
    • CV
    • Detailed research proposal including sponsoring professor's name and exact dates of visit, i.e. October 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023
    • Upload the ID page of your passport and name it <firstname.lastname.passport> here
  • Collaborative Visiting Scholars (Officers of Research)

Submit all materials to [email protected].

Request Deadlines

In order to streamline the appointment process, the Business School has instituted three deadlines for future visitors.

  • February 1st for visitors starting between May 1 and August 31
  • May 1st for visitors starting between September 1 and December 31
  • September 1st for visitors starting between January 1 and April 30

All materials listed above should be submitted before the specified deadline to be considered for a future visit at Columbia.

Requests that come to the School after these deadlines will not be considered without approval by the Senior Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs upon the priority recommendation of the division chair. Minimizing such off-cycle requests will help the School to process all requests more quickly and allocate space resources as equitably as possible.