The Chazen Travel Photo Contest is an opportunity to highlight the learning, fun, and intercultural experience of a Chazen travel program from the student perspective.


  1. Photos must have been taken as part of a Chazen global travel program (Study Tour, Global Immersion Program class, Chazen Block Week class, or MBA Exchange Program, Bridging the American Divides class)
  2. Each student may submit a total of up to 5 photo entries
  3. All photos submitted must have been taken by the entrant
  4. All photos must have been taken on a Chazen program, in the city of that program, not during personal travel
  5. All photos must be accompanied with captions to the specifications stated on the submission form
  6. Entrants agree to allow their photos to be reproduced in Chazen promotional materials, website, and social media. Students’ name and graduation year may accompany uses of each photo

How to Participate- Click Here to upload your pictures

Students will submit one word doc or PDF that will contain their information and captions for each photo submitted and then each photo will be uploaded as a separate JPG or PNG file.  Please do not embed photos in the word doc/PDF- these will not be reviewed as they need to be uploaded separately.  

For photo uploads: 

  • For each photo, save and upload as "FirstNameLastName_photo1" "FirstNameLastName_photo2" up to 5 photos can be submitted, no minimum required
  • *If your first name, last name, and number of photo are not labeled properly, we won't know it is yours and can't consider as a submission
  • Please upload photos in their original file size at the highest resolution possible

For your word doc/PDF: 

  • In the top of the document, please include your First Name, Last Name, CBS email address, and the Chazzen program(s) you participated in that correspond to the photos
  • Include a unique caption for each photo submitted and number your captions 
  • Save and upload this document with your name in the title, for example "FirstNameLastName"

*Make sure you upload photos AND the word document, both are needed for your submission to be reviewed

Judging Process

  1. The Chazen Institute will review all photographs.
  2. The Chazen Institute will judge the photos based on quality, creativity, and how well they capture the unique Chazen experience.
  3. The top 10 finalists will be displayed on April 13th at the Chazen Travel Photo Showcase for in person voting- more details and invitation to come 
  4. The top 3 photos with the most votes will receive big prizes the remaining top ten will also receive smaller prizes- details tbd


  • Suggested photo themes
  1. Favorite Memory (Personal Highlight of your Trip)
  2. Favorite Place
  3. Global Economy and Business (i.e. Company Visit)
  • Photograph in good light, such as mornings and late afternoon, or use a flash when natural light is poor.
  • Avoid touristy set ups, such as groups of students smiling in front of a landmark or cultural icon.
  • Avoid too much skin (while some trips take place in hot climates, we are unable to accept photographs of students in revealing clothing).


Please contact the Chazen Institute at [email protected].