The mission of the India Business Initiative (IBI) is to provide a platform to engage faculty, alumni and students at Columbia Business School with industry leaders and policy makers with a view toward accomplishing the following goals:

Facilitating thought leadership and exchanges between faculty, industry leaders, and policy makers, both in India and abroad.

  • Faculty will provide lectures, seminars and panel discussions on latest research and best practices. Industry leaders will inform the faculty about latest innovations.

Learning about the challenges and opportunities for Indian business and working with Indian industry and policy-making bodies to provide research-based solutions and long-term plans to such problems.

  • Working with industry to learn about short-term and long-term challenges and opportunities. Initiating research and projects to work towards solutions and best practices.

Engaging in India with training programs, student internships, student exchanges, student visits, and faculty research projects with institutions and corporations in India.

  • Help students with summer and permanent positions in Indian business entities.
  • Help initiate faculty research projects.
  • Identify and develop training programs.

Bringing to the Columbia campus industry leaders and policy makers to share their experience and views about major issues as they impact Indian economy.

  • Leadership lecture series for Indian Business leaders and policy makers.
  • Panel discussions by industry leaders and alumni.

Bringing the resources of Columbia University to address problems faced by the Indian business community.

  • Involving other schools in the university to work with IBI to address broader issues.
  • Providing a platform whereby the resources at Columbia University can be marshaled to meet the research needs of the industry.