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To meet our students where they are and prepare them for the jobs they want, the School has and will continue to make every effort to address the multi-faceted ways in which technological advances and adoption (i.e., software, data, algorithms, strategy) will lead the way of economic transformation.


There are 5x more digital electives now than seven years ago.

In Spring 2014, there were 6 courses in the digital space. As of Spring 2023, there are now 35 courses.

  • Spring 2014

  • Spring 2023





of MBA graduates have taken at least one advanced analytics course.


of CBS students have taken at least one advanced analytics course.

In spring 2022, Columbia Business School had 30 class sections tied to analytics and digital learning with 1,810 enrollments, up from 20 sections with 1,321 enrollments in spring of 2021. In Spring 2023 there are 44 sections with 2270 enrollments across all programs at CBS – digital learning, product management, tech, analytics, and programming.

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