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The Media and Technology Program combines a rich and varied curriculum with unparalleled exposure to the media and technology industries. Courses across divisions are taught by both full-time faculty members and adjunct professors who bring real-world experience to the classroom. The Media and Technology Program supports a range of activities, including student mentoring lunches, industry panels, and alumni gatherings, providing students with professional development opportunities and acting as a bridge between industry and academia. Most events are a collaboration with one or more student groups including the Media Management Association, Technology Club, and Sports Business Association

Each monthly seminar includes a presentation and discussion of a research paper by notable researchers from across the U.S. and the world.  Program activities are supported by the Media and Technology Forum, an invited group of senior-level executives established in 2005 to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices among industry executives and investors and thought leaders from relevant academic disciplines.

Upcoming Events

The NYC Media Seminar was launched in Fall 2013 to provide a regular forum for economists interested in media markets to connect with each other and to current research on media topics.  The seminar is jointly organized by Lisa George at Hunter College and Miklos Sarvary at Columbia Business School and has been generously supported by the Columbia Media Program, the Associated Press, and Google.

The seminar is open to all researchers and draws speakers from across the US and abroad. Seminars are held the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year. 

February 1

Jonathan Moreno-Medina, UTSA

"Local Crime News Bias: Extent, Causes and Consequences"

March 1

Senthil Veeraraghavan, Wharton

"Does Fake News Create Echo Chambers?"

April 5

Michael Ewens, Columbia

"Local Journalism under Private Equity Ownership"

June 7

James Siderius, MIT CS

"A Model of Online Misinformation"

Past Events

December 4 2022

Ricard Gil (Queens University)

Do Search Engines Increase Concentration in Media Markets? 

November 2 2022

Koleman Strumpf (Wake Forest)

All the Headlines that are Fit to Change 

June 1 2022

Nikita Melnikov (Princeton)

Mobile Internet and Political Polarization

May 11 2022

Fiona Scott Morton (Yale)

How does the new antitrust paradigm affect media markets?

April 6 2022

Kristoffer Nimark (Cornell)

Attention Costs, Economies of Scale and Markets for Information

February 2 2022

Alexandre Garel (Audencia)

Music Sentiment and Stock Returns Around the World