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Technology and Digitalization will substantially shape the economy of the future and with it every part of our lives. The Humans in the Digital Economy Lab focuses on how those trends affect and interact with humans in organizations. The lab will focus on all aspects of work such as how technology and automation affect work itself; how technology and digitalization affect careers and the composition of the workforce; and how new technologies allow and require a reimagining of the workplace.

The lab will bring together experts from different disciplines (such as economics, management, psychology, and sociology) to explore the role and interaction of human decision-making and social interactions in the digital economy.

Past Events

DFI Past Event
March 13, 2023
Humans In the Digital Economy

How Will Remote Work Change the Real Estate Market?

At a recent CBS panel, experts from academia, industry, and government discussed the effects of working-from-home on commercial and residential real estate, and the future of cities.