The Lang Center supports a wide range of faculty and student research on topics relating to entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture investing. The School’s renowned and award-winning academics routinely publish groundbreaking research that influences business practices and policy around the world. 

In addition to showcasing faculty research, The Lang Center offers annual fellowship awards to PhD students whose research relates to entrepreneurship in their dissertations. 

Below are selected articles highlighting innovative ideas relevant to the entrepreneurial economy from our faculty and PhD students.

Working from home became the norm for many of us during the #covidー19 pandemic, but do meetings and collaborations over Zoom and other video-conferencing platforms stifle creativity? (Melanie Brucks)

CBS PhD research fellows showcase their work in entrepreneurship and innovation

Professor Mabel Abraham joined CBS News for #InternationalWomensDay to discuss some of the challenges women face when it comes to building their own businesses (Mabel Abraham)

Destructive Creation at Work: How Financial Distress Spurs Entrepreneurship (Tania Babina)

What Motivates Innovative Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Field Experiment (Jorge Guzman)

Is there a Gender Gap in the Novelty of Creative Products? (Michael Mauskapf)

Male and female entrepreneurs get asked different questions by VCs — and it affects how much funding they get (E. Tory Higgins)

Exposed: Venture Capital, Competitor Ties, and Entrepreneurial Innovation (Dan Wang)

Idea Generation, Creativity, and Prototypicality (Oded Netzer, Olivier Toubia)