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PitchBook access is intended for current students, faculty, and staff of Columbia Business School and Columbia Law School, and is intended for non-commercial academic research purposes only.

The PitchBook platform is only accessible from the Morningside and Manhattanville campuses. Download limits are 10 rows of data per day and 25 per month, regardless of number of columns.

Sharing of personal usernames and passwords is prohibited.

By creating and using your PitchBook account, you agree to not:

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You may incorporate limited extracts of content for personal use in published or unpublished scientific, scholarly and educational works or for the purposes of teaching, research and institutional needs. 

Please follow the instructions below to sign in:

  1. You must be located on-campus to gain access to the Pitchbook platform, and you must be connected to the "Columbia U Secure" network
  2. Go to https://my.pitchbook.com/loginAction.do?action=login
  3. Choose “Login with SSO”
  4. Log in using [email protected] or [email protected]

Again, make sure you are connected to the “Columbia U Secure” network in order to gain access.