Joel Brockner

Joel Brockner
Phillip Hettleman Professor of Business
Management Division
Academic Director
Columbia CaseWorks
Areas of Expertise
  • Decision Making & Negotiations
  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior
396 Kravis
(212) 8544435

Within the broader field of organizational behavior, Professor Brockner is well known for his work in several areas, including the effects of organizational downsizing on the productivity and morale of the "survivors," the management of organizational change, organizational justice, self processes in organizations and managerial judgment and decision making. He teaches the MBA elective course Managerial Decision Making, the Ph.D. course Individual and Collective Behavior in Organizations, and he is an active consultant and speaker to companies worldwide.

BA, State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1972; MS, Tufts, 1974; PhD, 1977
Joined CBS

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