west coast trek

Media Management Association (MMA)

With over 200 members, the student-run Media Management Association plays an active role in the program, planning an annual conference and organizing a variety of media-focused events on and off campus. Working closely together, the MMA and Media and Technology Program regularly organize events that enable students to interact with industry leaders and alumni.

Technology Club

The Technology Club  is one of the largest and most active organizations at Columbia Business School, with well over 800 members. We support and promote the career and skill development of students interested in careers in technology and/or data-driven decision making. Regardless of your career path, a knowledge of technology and data analytics is vital. Our activities—including workshops, panels, conferences, guest speakers, an annual Tech Trek to the west coast and more—explore the immediate issues of how technology has and will continue to change the way the world and business works

Sports Business Association (SBA)

The Sports Business Association exists to foster interest in the business of amateur and professional sports by providing a forum for the study and discussion of various aspects of the sports industry, including sports finance, sports management (team and league), and other matters related to the operations of sports businesses.