Affinity Clubs

Learn more about affinity clubs for CBS alumni. We encourage anyone interested to get in touch with the contacts listed below, attend an event, and get involved!

African American Alumni Association

The African American Alumni Association aims to provide a forum for Columbia Business School graduates of African descent across all levels and businesses to share ideas and network, to develop both professionally and personally, and to help advance the School’s diversity initiatives. Learn more by visiting their website.

Club Leaders
Ivry Atlee ’07: [email protected]
Waziri Garuba ’09: [email protected]
Ashley Mackel ’17: [email protected]
Pierre Nicolas ’99: [email protected]
Lauren Pattani-Wright ’97: [email protected]
Kiara Reed ’16: [email protected]
Blair Smith ’00: [email protected]
Derrick Smith ’82: [email protected]
Lorraine Wilson-Drake ’85: [email protected]

Asian Alumni Club

The Asian Alumni Club aims to strengthen the role of Columbia Business School and its alumni in business development relating to the Asia-Pacific region.

Club Leaders
Christy Ahn ’95: [email protected]
Paulina Yick ’94: [email protected]

EMBA Global Alumni Club

The EMBA Global Alumni Club is a worldwide network for all those who graduated from the Columbia Business School’s EMBA Global Americas and Europe and EMBA Global Asia programs. The club aims to strengthen the connection between EMBA Global alumni and the School, and to facilitate professional, educational, and social events for alumni across the world.

Club Leaders
Jacob Miles ’12: [email protected]
Natasha Sharma ’08: [email protected]

Feldberg Fellowship Alumni

During their time at Columbia Business School these alumni received the Feldberg Fellowship grant. The mission of the Feldberg Fellows is to a create a network of world-class business leaders across industries, geographies, and generations. They seek to cultivate a community of diverse leaders who hold themselves and each other to the highest professional and personal standards, while providing mutual support to achieve success in their business, personal and philanthropic endeavors.

Club Leaders
Michael Kopko ’09: [email protected]
Lauren McKenna Surzyn ’15: [email protected]


COLAM – the German Speaking Alumni Association

COLAM – the German Speaking Alumni Association provides a forum for Columbia Business School and Law School alumni to share ideas, network, and facilitate educational and social events for all those who speak German or live in Germanic-speaking countries.

Club Leaders
Stephan Rey ’85: [email protected]

Hispanic Alumni Association

The Hispanic Alumni Association is committed to supporting the interests of Hispanic alumni by strengthening the connection between Hispanic alumni and the School and establishing a forum to foster and facilitate fellowship among Hispanic alumni.

Club Leaders
Rachel ten Brink ’01: [email protected]
Margaret Butler ’01: [email protected]

Veterans Alumni Association

The Veterans Alumni Association aims to provide a forum for Columbia Business School graduates who served in their Nation’s Military across all levels to build relationships, share ideas and advance Veteran’s initiatives at the School.

Club Leaders
Kyle Butler ’21: [email protected]
Angela Nethery ’20: [email protected]