Student Financial Aid

For generations, Columbia Business School graduates have distinguished themselves as leaders in business, government, academia, and the nonprofit sector. To sustain and build upon this remarkable tradition, the School must continue to attract the very best students, and there is no means more crucial to this effort than financial aid.

The fierce competition for talent intensifies each year, and many of the strongest MBA applicants face a difficult choice between Columbia and other top-tier business schools — schools that utilize their vast endowment resources to invest heavily in appealing financial aid packages.

We can ensure that those talented students choose Columbia by liberating their decisions from financial constraints. We are committed to offering more aid packages that are on par with those of peer schools, but doing so will require further investment by the School’s alumni and friends. As we strive to provide our students with opportunities to grow their abilities and and explore their passions with the freedom of financial security, gifts in support of financial aid have a tremendous impact and help talented individuals to realize their full potential.

To support financial aid today, make a gift. For information about the financial aid campaign and specific areas of interest, please contact Segovia Spelbrink at [email protected].